Why I invested

Why I invested

By Wakeupkitty | Politics | 8 Jul 2019

Since I do not live on the internet, gave up on t.v. years ago and do not read a newspaper either, the news about bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies reached me late. Not one single person in my family, or anyone else I know, did invest and nothing has changed since then.

It was on a Dutch blogging site where I started someone wrote about her investment and hoped to build a pension fund this way.

I do not need a pension since I do not live long enough. What I could need was some extra money for my two youngest to study or to live from till they are old enough to have a job and take care of themselves


My 1st investment was: Bitcoin (BTC)

(November 2017)

The only reason I invested in it was that it was the most well-known one, the leader.

I invested about 4 times and only spent what I could afford to miss.

I did not count on winning the lottery with jackpot and that also did not happen.
In short, my lost was big (I did not belong to the first who bought bitcoin).

I decided not to sell but wait and see what happens. I still wait.

My 2nd investment was Ether (ETH)

(December 2017)

The only reason I did was that one of my kids advised it. Might be it read something about it.

This amount is also still in my wallet.


My 3rd investment was Stellar (XLM)

(Start 2019 with another wallet)

If I remember it well it was promoted by several companies and a wallet. In 2 wallets I have Stellar. Since I just wanted to invest in something else, I gave it a try too.

It was the same with my 4th investment, which was NEM (XEM).

(Start 2019)

There was some money to invest and I decided to spread my chances.
Again I did it with the money I could afford to miss.

I have no loans, no debts and I like to keep it that way. Taking a loan to invest is not my style. The risk of feeling miserable when I lose it all is not worth an investment.

I already experienced that as I invested for my 3 eldest in an insurance company (saving/life insurance). As I stopped the payments I already lost more as I paid. It became a big scandal.

My last investment was Steem.

(June 2019)

I did because I am a Steemian and I believe in it. It is something I can not say about most tokens.

Daily new ones land and it is questionable if they will make it. You can take the chance if you get them for free (like an energy company did a while ago again) but if it is worth giving all your personal data I doubt.

Many you can not sell or buy directly or at all. Some you have to change first and the fees are high (in the Netherlands they are) and frequently I have to change 4 times to receive it in euro on my bank account. 

What I earn is an income, which means I have to pay tax over it. 

The government and tax department know and have insight into my bank account and the new Law Brussel made will allow sellers to check your bank account too if you want to buy something.

(As a buyer you can not check if the seller is a scam, that should make one think.)

At this moment I am not sure if I will invest in more.
The first thing I will take care of is the different wallets I use. Each of them has its limits if it comes to buying/selling and the fees make it less interesting too.
Just one wallet should be enough.

If I had known about cryptocurrencies earlier I would have invested for sure and in more. Although all I invested in is still a loss. 

I don't think many people will start with it.It is too difficult for common people to learn, the fees are too high if you can only invest in small amounts, you cannot pay anything with it and if you live from social help and make profit you lose it all. Who knows facebook will make more people familiar with it, although I think Libra will be more like a new version of PayPal.

Now it's a bit late for me to invest in more, but who knows my kids will continue or have the benefit from what I started.

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