They have to leave

By Farah ikram | Poetical words | 18 May 2021

They never think about their loved ones,
And the ones for whom they are the whole world,
For ones their one smile was precious than anything,
Their peace and happiness,
And never ending delight,
Was a great joy to them,
To left them with teary eyes and heaviness on the soul,
They just came to say a sad goodbye,
Although they never say anything at the time of departure,
But their separation is enough to give the never ending pain,
And redness of the eyes,
With misery of going away,
Which makes heart bleeds,
They never care about anything,without any dithering,
They just leave because they have to leave...!!!!

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Farah ikram
Farah ikram

Female Pakistani

Poetical words
Poetical words

Sometimes I love to write poetry.It's a best way to express my thoughts.Come and enjoy my poetry...!!

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