Global Financial Crisis 2.0: Lyn Alden’s Insights


  • Federal Reserve liabilities increased sharply, causing unrealized losses of about $1 trillion.
  • The current financial crisis differs from 2008 due to fewer defaults and banks holding “safe” assets.
  • Banks face potential losses when forced to sell “safe” assets at a discount due to bank runs.
  • The banking system is less leveraged than in 2008 but is still vulnerable.
  • Smaller banks may become more centralized as they merge or are acquired by larger banks.
  • The US dollar remains in demand as a global reserve asset.
  • High debt levels make hard assets like Bitcoin more attractive.
  • Lyn Alden believes we are in a period of deflation within a larger inflationary decade.


In a recent interview on the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast, macro analyst Lyn Alden shared her insights on the current state of the global financial system and the potential for a new financial crisis. You can listen to the full interview here:

Federal Reserve Liabilities

The Federal Reserve’s liabilities have increased sharply, resulting in approximately $1 trillion in unrealized losses in treasuries and mortgage-backed securities. This is different from the 2008 crisis, which was largely caused by banks giving bad loans to people who could not afford them.

Bank Runs and Losses

Banks face potential losses when they are forced to sell “safe” assets at a discount due to bank runs, like the one experienced by Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) with $42 billion withdrawn in a single day. The current banking system is less leveraged than in 2008, but it is still vulnerable to bank runs.

Bank Centralization

As smaller banks face difficulties, they may merge or be acquired by larger banks, leading to increased centralization of the banking system. This is driven by people moving their money to larger banks that are considered “too big to fail.”

Debt and the US Dollar

The global debt crisis is largely driven by sovereign debt, with the US dollar remaining in high demand as the global reserve asset. As the world faces unprecedented levels of debt in a fiat system, hard assets like Bitcoin become more attractive for preserving value.

Inflation and Bitcoin’s Future

Lyn Alden believes we are currently in a period of deflation, but the larger decade will be very inflationary. She also thinks that Bitcoin needs to increase in value by 10x to become relevant at a national level, although some countries are already exploring its potential.


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