By DisD01 | Poems and I | 9 Aug 2020


I made this poem for you

Because I want to tell something true

Something that I can't tell in person

Because I'm afraid of getting hurt and I don't want to hear any sermon.

I am happy that you are still reading it

With that I salute you because you don't quit

I am feeling nervous – just a little bit

So now just sit back, relax and eat a banana split.

Do I sound funny?

Or am I corny?

Just tell it, I promise to you I won't get hurt

Because I'm used to it.

I know it does not make sense anymore

But I will still continue even if you are going to slam the door

Just like when you feel that your relationship won't make out anymore

He or she will still continue loving you even if this is what you care for.

Does it hit you and make your heart bleed?

Oh I'm sorry for that thing

It's a hundred percent guaranteed  

It's not my intention to hurt your feelings.

I'll make it a little bit shorter for you

Even if you still have many more time

It just popped out from my mind out of the blue

I promise, without so much ado.

Congratulations! You are one step closer now

Your determination to finish it has given me a wow.

Oh, I forgot the thing I want to tell

But it's too late now; I can hear already the sound of a ringing bell.

But before I'll end this one

I hope you have fun in reading this poem which is for everyone

You're such a crackerjack!

Now, I formally end this and I'll wait for your feedback.


I made this poem to inspire you. I made this poem to encourage you to make a poem, too. A poem with simple words and meanings. A poem with metaphors. A poem with hidden meanings.

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Just a simple human being who wants sharing something that comes from my mind

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