Nine Stanzas of a Melodramatic Life

Nine Stanzas of a Melodramatic Life

By DisD01 | Poems and I | 9 Aug 2020

In just a blink of an eye

I am now asking myself- why?

Should I take a deep sigh?

Or just leave the scar with a lie?

My Heart beats fast whenever you are near

I can't explain what I feel- is it fear?

I just want it to be clear

'Cause I don't want to be forever broken, my dear.

Anyone's smile isn't as good as mine

And don't try to ask me if I am fine

I just want my life to shine

Even if darkness is just behind.

am such a great Eccedentesiast

Who subdues his agony by faking a smile very fast.

There will be a day that you will realize

All your faults in just a single blast.

Here comes the dolesome memories

As frightening as a beast

I want it to completely vanish

All I want are just good memories.

I have dove the depth of sorrow

There I found your true intention- 'twas just a planned show.

But I rose up again and climbed up the peak of happiness

And there I found my true love to someone else.

Finally, I have felt great and immense felicity

Those things really make me happy

It also brings inner peace and tranquility

In my life that is full of serendipity.


am happy and contented in my life now

Don't you mine to ask me how?

I tell you, it's not as simple as riding a cow

I've gone through numerous experiences, that's how.


From those dolesome things from the past

To today's great moments that blast.

All of it will be forever stored in my heart

Not in a place filled with flies just like a trash.

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Just a simple human being who wants sharing something that comes from my mind

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