Candy... It's Animal Feed (but I wouldn't feed it to mine)

By cMasta | pmcmasta | 14 Sep 2020

Hey cryptogeeks. You know what else candy is bad for? Your liver.

How else do you think they mass produce so many brightly colored delicious pellets at a price even a poor person can afford?

Why, they use chemicals that are derived from very cheap precursors and are shelf-stable and reflect a certain color of light, that's how.

Next time you have some M&Ms or Skittles, try this experiment:

M&M's in water

You can use pretty much any liquid. It's actually kind of cool, we did it with Girl Scouts to teach them about chemistry, BUT THESE ARE CHEMICALS. You are what you eat, guys.

By the way, they ship the defective candy to farms so your meat eats it too.



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