Splinterlands: End Of Season Rewards And Another Slow Season!

By Plint | Plints Splinterlands | 17 Feb 2022

Hi all, hope you all got great rewards this season!

I haven't been able to play much unfortunately, work is crazy right now so I have been all work and no play, but should change soon as vacation is coming up!

So this season I got stuck again in Bronze III, all my fault of course for not playing regularly. I also had a lot of water quests and my water deck is not currently doing so amazing.

My Rewards


These are the rewards I received at the end of the season. And I am pretty happy with receiving a card, always nice! I didn't have many expectations for this round as I haven't done much playing so was happy with any of it really.

Luckily my SPS increases of its own accord and I saw the price has come up a bit as well, so that has been nice to see!

The Upcoming Season

I have almost got enough cards to play at Bronze II without having to rent so looking forward to getting that done this season hopefully! If I have some funds left over I might buy another pack, always nice to open some new cards. I am currently waiting for the prices to drop a bit again before buying some new cards on the market place.

The plan obviously is to play more, but as my vacation will be starting soon I will have more time to play then! Yay!

How was your end of season reward and what are your plans for the upcoming season?

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Plints Splinterlands
Plints Splinterlands

All my posts about the blockchain game of Splinterlands. It is a play2earn game with huge potential.

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