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Is Axie Infinity dead?

This is an update to my previous article which you can find over here: Axie Origins - Was it a success? (

In the previous article, I mentioned that the brand-new and hyped out update, Axie Infinity Origins was a failure. At this present time, I can safely say that Axie Infinity is really dead.


Axie Infinity was one of the first ever blockchain games to ever exist. It gave rise to many other blockchain games known today. In its prime, it could even replace income for people living in low-living cost countries. Each Axie was worth around 300$ in ETH during its golden days. However, those days soon ended as the price of AXS and SLP when barreling down during the bear market. Furthermore, the player base that remained were only interested in the money aspect of Axie Infinity and not for the fun of it. Both of these contributing factors led to Axie Infinity's eventual downfall.

Present day:

As I am writing this, the floor price of one Axie NFT is as little as 3$ in ETH. This means that the floor price went down 99% in the last few years. Almost every remaining loyal player has given up on Axie Infinity. Currently, there is no interest in investing in Axie Infinity, which means that there is a very low chance for the game's revival.

Is there a chance for revival?

Currently, the game's governance coin is still ranked 48th on CoinMarketCap. This, for me, is clear proof that Axie Infinity might have a chance after the bear market. However, it is very possible that even during a bull market, that Axie Infinity will never revive itself and just die out instead.


I believe that you should not invest in Axie Infinity, as the interest for the game has simply died out. I recommend looking for different and more promising blockchain projects. With the bear market and no player interest, it is hard to believe that Axie Infinity will make a comeback, even after this bear market.


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