Axie Origins - Was it a success?

Recently, the popular play to earn game, Axie Infinity, launched one of their largest updates. While hype and anticipation was skyrocketing, the result was disappointing for many players.

What is Axie Infinity:d502c3f6ee33da3bf842b669cce7222462bcb443cf863cff41ca976caf93c555.png

In case you haven't heard of it, Axie Infinity is a popular play to earn games to ever exist. The game works by having NFT, "Axies," for sale by other players. Players originally had to purchase 3 axies to play Axie Infinity, but with the new launch of origin, Axie Infinity is officially free to play. Players who play can earn a token called SLP by winning arena battles, which is worth around 2 cents now as we speak.

Was Axie Origins a failure?

To save unnecessary explanation, Yes, Axie origins was a failure. The alpha version was released with only a few features and it is just an inferior version of Axie Infinity v2. Many players have also quit and left Axie Origins due to the Ronin hack, which contributed to the failure of Axie Origins.

Why did SLP and AXS dump?

Axie Infinity has recently released the Axie Origins alpha version, which has been hyped up for months now. To many players' disappointment, Axie Origins was not better, but in fact it was worse than the previous version. For most players, the game was flat out boring and uninteresting. This can be seen from the large number of Axie influencers who expressed their disappointment online. The disappointment was caused due to the lack of features Origins had to offer, and due to the players' disappointment, there was no demand for SLP or AXS. 

2d07dc8f2683fe22340aa6bafd3208d9f61bd7f79c923c828ac1b34d35438e54.pngWill SLP or AXS be fixed?

Although Axie Origins was a failure, it still has a lot of time to improve based off of the feedback from players. After the alpha season, Axie Infinity will most likely add a lot more features into the game, which will therefore pump SLP and AXS because of player activity.


Even though Axie Origins was a failure, many people, including me, still have faith that when Axie Origin fully launches, it will not only re-vitalize the current player base, but also fix SLP and AXS.

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