Platinum AP Shaco Montage!

By Bilky | RIOT BLOGER | 21 May 2020

Hello, mortals! Riot has nerfed Shaco so many times, but they can nerf him as much as they want, because I am still kicking ass with him. My AP Shaco is destroying titans like Darius, Tryndmere, Sylas and many others on the Top Lane, and I will demonstrate that in this video. I only play him with "Dark Harvest" runes, so that my stacking power is limitless.

The first item I try to build on him is "Luden's Echo" just because you need that extra damage and mana to kill your opponent.


The second item I rush to use is "Hextech's Protobelt" because you need every oportunity to escape or engage in battle and this item is perfect for that. This item allows you to jump a short distance and deal damage to whoever you hit with it.


The final build looks like this:
1.Luden's Echo
2.Hextech's Protobelt
3.Rabadon Deathcap
4.Zhonya's Hourglass
5.Sorcerer's Shoes
6.Lich Bane

I hope you will enjoy my montage and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Stay strong!

The link for my video is here:

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I am unique just like everyone else. League of Legends montage creator.


Hello, mortals! I am Bilky and welcome to Riot games montage creator.

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