PlanetX Meta NFT Staking on EOS Blockchain

PlanetX Meta on EOS Blockchain


you see right soon PlanetX Meta will also be available on the EOS Blockchain.

After the launch you can exchange your WAXnfts in EOS nfts and earn the EOS coin through nft Staking every hour.

PlanetX Meta EOS Collection Series NFTs

You will be able to blend your NFTs on the Wax Blockchain into NFTs from the EOS Blockchain.

There will only be one Collection Series with 5 rarities on the EOS Blockchain. With which you can then get EOS from our EOS pool. You will also have the opportunity to exchange your IOTAN on the Wax Blockchain for IOTAN on the EOS Blockchain. Also we will build in the possibility to buy on EOS Blockchain with IOTAN EOS Project Packs, as well as PlanetX Meta Collection Series 1 EOS Edition Pack. We look forward to the upgrade and hope to make our users happy by enabling new options again.


IOTAN Token, Wax Blockchain Trade Link:

EOS Coin Pool

We will not take income from the Wax Blockchain to fill the pool on EOS.

We'll take our own money. Anything earned on the Wax Blockchain stays on the Wax Blockchain.

We will transfer all rewards from the EOS Collection Series 1 Pack drop to the pool.

Until we reach 100,000 EOS. Before that, we will not pay ourselves anything. We thank you for your support.


More Information soon...

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PlanetX Meta
PlanetX Meta Verified Member WAX/EOS Project. More Blockchains follow

PlanetX Meta News & Updates
PlanetX Meta News & Updates

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