Step-By-Step Guide for the Tezos Foundation's Faucet | Get free XTZ from the official Tezos Foundation every 48 hours [Update IV]
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Step-By-Step Guide for the Tezos Foundation's Faucet | Get free XTZ from the official Tezos Foundation every 48 hours [Update IV]

By Neon-Kitten | Planet Dystopia | 21 Jan 2020

UPDATE (01/29/2020): Faucet is still active but limit has been changed from 12 to 48 hours & it requires a mobile phone number now... Find more info at the bottom of this article. 

A few days ago, the Tezos Foundation (the owner of the Tezos blockchain protocol & the respective ecosystem) has launched a crypto faucet to dispense a steady stream of XTZ mainnet tokens to users & developers alike. They are basically giving out 0.01 XTZ for free, each 12 hours, as long as the faucet is active. Here's a quote from the official announcement of the Tezos Foundation:

The Tezos Foundation is pleased to release a faucet for the Tezos mainnet. This faucet allows developers and users to request Tezos tokens (tez) for development and testing purposes.


We offer this faucet to the Tezos community for testing and development purposes. However, this is a development faucet and we advise that no one should depend on this faucet’s continued availability. We may turn off or change the faucet’s parameters in the future. Please read the Terms and Conditions for additional information.

Source (official announcement):


How to use the Tezos Foundation's Faucet (Step-by-step Guide)

If you also want to participate in the Tezos Foundation's faucet and earn 0.01 XTZ every 12 hours, here's the step-by-step guide to acquire the free XTZ: 

1. Go to

Tezos Foundation Faucet

2. Make sure that you are on the official page by checking the SSL certificate next to the URL in your browser (not necessary but I'd recommend it anyway)

Tezos Foundation Faucet SSL Check

3. Enter/Register your tz1 address(es) [You can put up to 10 addresses in there & receive funds to]

Tezos Foundation Faucet's Address Entry

4. Confirm by solving the captcha under the address field & press "Send TEZ"

Tezos Foundation Faucet's reCaptcha

5. Wait till your request got processed / verified (took a few minutes in my 1st try till I received the 0.01 XTZ)

Tezos Foundation's Faucet Processing

6. Repeat this process after 12 hours to earn another batch of 0.01 XTZ for as long as the Tezos Foundation keeps this faucet online & active.

I hope this small guide was helpful to you.

Have fun, happy testing & enjoy your free mainnet XTZ! ^^ 


UPDATE (01/21/2020):

  • Added info about maximum amount of addresses that can be used in the faucet (10 max.).
  • Added small screenshots to underline the specific steps of the process.
  • Make sure to check your wallet(s) / adress(es) directly for transfer(s) while the confirmation is pending (in case you feel that it takes too long) as the on-page confirmation might lack behind.
  • If you use Brave, the shield function of the browser might block the display of processing / confirmation. However, you don't have to deactivate it, the token rewards / transfers are not affected, just check your wallet(s) / address(es) for transactions.


UPDATE (01/22/2020):

  • Faucet might be still available for new users, but if you used it in the past 12-24 hours there might be an issue with trying it again (spinning icon on the official page & no additional processing available anymore). This might be an issue related to the huge influx of new users and / or queue lines or a sign of cutting down on the faucet from the Tezos Foundation (this would be worst case). 
  • Seems like the Tezos Foundation's Faucet is down now for sure (thx @Bulb for the reminder/update in the comments), they seem to go the route of giving Terminator II quotes now (We'll be back soon").
  • 4.30pm CET: Faucet is back online! 


UPDATE (01/25/2020):

  • Faucet is still active, but the time limit between taking sips of Tezos has been upped from 12 to 48 hours!
  • If you try to get more Tezos within the time limit you get "greylisted" & get an info about the rest of time till you can take another one, see this screenshot as example: Tezos Faucet Greylisted
  • Other functionalities added by the Tezos Foundation: They added an on-page confirmation (Transaction IDs & Block IDs) when your free XTZ got transfered & you also get an error msg now, if the queue is full (so no "spinning wheel of death" anymore ^^)


UPDATE (01/29/2020):

  • Faucet is still active, but the time limit between taking sips of Tezos has been upped from 12 to 48 hours!
  • You also have to confirm the transfer by mobile phone number:
    Faucet needs phone number now, wtf...
    Haven't tried this yet, as I don't want to give away my phone number, even it's the official Tezos Foundation... Please comment if it works (or doesn't) for you.


Happy testing & drinking!


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