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Likes to keep an eye on dystopian fiction & reality. Loves to blog & make experimental synthesizer music. Covers pessimistic stuff with an optimistic mindset.

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Rindermesse | Fresh Meat for Your Ears

25 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Neon-Kitten

  Synthetic prayers of electric meat.      Want to hear more electronic synthesizer & dystowave tracks?  Check out my SoundCloud & YouTube Channels or visit

System Shock - Security | Dystopia Remix

11 Sep 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Neon-Kitten

  Electronic synthesizer tribute to Greg LoPiccolo's legendary track from System Shock (1994). Heavy dystowave remix made by VMEM.     Want to hear more electronic synthesizer & dystowave tracks?  Check out my SoundCloud & YouTube Channels or visit...

Fleischfabrik 4.0 | Hear Yer Meat To Have Yer Pudding

5 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Neon-Kitten

  If you don't hear yer meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't hear yer meat?     Want to hear more electronic synthesizer & dystowave tracks?  Check out my SoundCloud & YouTube Channels or visit PlanetDystopia....


1 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Neon-Kitten

  The pattern forms waves as strings bend space. Just a 6-sided prelude to end the damn blood feud. Crystal entrance - all polyhedral - straight in the citadel's cathedral. As space bend by strings the pattern forms wings.      Want to hear more el...

Tesla Storm | Straight into the eye, we're going...

13 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Neon-Kitten

  To steady times - always changing, of newest primes - old Nik's awakening.  The Stars, all set - shine so bright, his mighty get - earthborn right, enigmatic check, in dearth-torn light.  Stars' golden glimmer - the river shining, the billions' di...

The 4th Industrial Revolution

13 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Neon-Kitten

  "Des digitalen Menschen Lauf halten weder Erde noch Sterne auf."Neither earth nor stars stop the digital man's run.   All is set, have no doubt, I felt the rise & got the link, - noise, but no one's shout - Heard pool's closed, just a wink, unre...

Virtual Vice

3 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Neon-Kitten

  What makes Existence really nice, Is Virtual – with a Dash of Vice.     Want to hear more electronic synthesizer & dystowave tracks?  Check out my SoundCloud & YouTube Channels or visit


26 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Neon-Kitten

  Fuck the world for the win, because fuck yeah!     Want to hear more electronic synthesizer & dystowave tracks?  Check out my SoundCloud & YouTube Channels or visit

Rapid Eye Deployment

16 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Neon-Kitten

  The tale of a cat that has survived more than one washing machine...     Want to hear more electronic synthesizer & dystowave tracks?  Check out my SoundCloud & YouTube Channels or visit

Cosmic Headbutt

3 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Neon-Kitten

  Hitting the deck with 1,079e+9 km/h...     Want to hear more electronic synthesizer & dystowave tracks?  Check out my SoundCloud & YouTube Channels or visit


Why Is Brave Great For Artists?

14 hours ago Aleen

28 September 2020
Nice read & good summary, thx! ^^ You mentioned SoundCloud support for Brave publishers - since when is that available and where do users verify that? Haven't found that channel in the publisher dashboard.

Node Grinder

29 Feb 2020 Neon-Kitten

06 March 2020
Hmm, that's kinda sad, as it sounds pretty similar to the old world power plays of centralized institutions... new formats of distribution would be nice

Node Grinder

29 Feb 2020 Neon-Kitten

05 March 2020
Haven't tried it yet, might take a look at it as well as on other / similar platforms. You got experience with a few of these?

Node Grinder

29 Feb 2020 Neon-Kitten

05 March 2020
Thx m8, I really appreciate that! ^^ Yeah, it kinda sucks that the non-crypto content doesn't get a lot of attention / views (not even talking about the tips here), but this might change someday, so I'm keeping it up anyway :)

The fate of Publisher0x

25 Feb 2020 Psyhedelic

26 February 2020
I agree with you & most of the others here. If Publish0x (as a whole community as well as a platform made by & for dedicated people) wants to move forward even further and attract bigger & more audiences, there has to be more "room to breath" for the non-crypto categories. We already got a lot of superb articles in the various cultural- & entertainment-focused categories and great content producers from all kinds of niches, but I got the feeling that currently most of the potential lies dormant as these articles are basically invisible if you aren't going directly for the specific categories via "Explore". I'm doing some music for example and share it here on Publish0x too, but it's kinda tough to see that these articles get almost no views at all compared to the crypto ones which get around 500x-1000x more views. I don't even talk about tips, as these are totally subjective in regards to which content you want to give rewards to (of course), but the comparison of views between crypto & non-crypto articles alone feels quite discouraging, if your focus lies on other content & topics. As a change for the better, some more preview sections on the mainpage and campaigns, similar to the tutorial ones, about the other sections & categories could help the other categories to gain more traction and could have some impact. However, an even bigger change could also come from user attitude. I also switched my tipping behavior and 90% of my tips go to non-crypto related posts at the moment. btw: thx for this article & spreading awareness, followed & tipped you, m8 ^^

Overview of Pantos (PAN) & Token Atomic Swap Technology (TAST)

9 Feb 2020 Neon-Kitten

10 February 2020
You're welcome & thx! ^^

Overview of Pantos (PAN) & Token Atomic Swap Technology (TAST)

9 Feb 2020 Neon-Kitten

10 February 2020
You're welcome & thx to you too for the read! ^^

Overview of Pantos (PAN) & Token Atomic Swap Technology (TAST)

9 Feb 2020 Neon-Kitten

10 February 2020
Thx, wish you the best too ^^

Project Hydro AMA

10 Feb 2020 User__________

10 February 2020
Hey there you've got an interesting project and I appreciate the transparency you offer, especially by doing an AMA like this. The competition is a nice cherry on top ^^ I definitely have a few questions: You state that your vision for the Hydro Vault is to become the world's most advanced secure storage for digital assets. How does it differ from your competitors' digital asset storages? Which features make it truly unique? You also state, that you want to focus on the introduction of more Hydro products to the Vault first and then move on to integrate "top quality ERC-20 tokens, as well as Bitcoin [... and] the rapid integration of other important products in the crypto-sphere". Which Hydro products do you focus on first? Can you name some of the ERC-20 tokens or is it too early to tell? What are the new products from the cryptosphere that you want to integrate? Is the coverage of tokenization projects, for example of real estate, included? Thanks for your reply in advance! ^^

Overview of Pantos (PAN) & Token Atomic Swap Technology (TAST)

9 Feb 2020 Neon-Kitten

10 February 2020
Yes, lets hope that other platforms & trading hubs (decentralized ones would be even better additions) will come, as soon as the project reaches maturity. Till then, it never hurts to remind yourself, that at the moment it is and – at least for the next months or maybe even a year or two it will be – a research project.

Overview of Pantos (PAN) & Token Atomic Swap Technology (TAST)

9 Feb 2020 Neon-Kitten

10 February 2020
True, I have the feeling that true cross-blockchain or multi-blockchain systems (whatever we are going to call them) will be a key factor for the next stage. But we will see how these things will turn out ^^

Overview of Pantos (PAN) & Token Atomic Swap Technology (TAST)

9 Feb 2020 Neon-Kitten

10 February 2020
Thx m8, I'm glad you enjoyed the read! ^^

Step-By-Step Guide for the Tezos Foundation's Faucet | Get free XTZ from the official Tezos Foundation every 48 hours [Update IV]

21 Jan 2020 Neon-Kitten

25 January 2020
Hab's jetzt auch, danke für die Info! Artikel ist nun überarbeitet.

Step-By-Step Guide for the Tezos Foundation's Faucet | Get free XTZ from the official Tezos Foundation every 48 hours [Update IV]

21 Jan 2020 Neon-Kitten

24 January 2020
Additionally, just a quick question: Where did you read the 48 hours limitation? I found no evidence of that anywhere. Kurze Zusatzfrage: Wo hast du die Info her, dass es eine 48-Stunden-Begrenzung gibt? Hab dazu nirgends was gefunden.

Step-By-Step Guide for the Tezos Foundation's Faucet | Get free XTZ from the official Tezos Foundation every 48 hours [Update IV]

21 Jan 2020 Neon-Kitten

24 January 2020
Used it a few times already and experienced no difficulties, aside a longer spinning wheel one time while they took it down (for a refill of the faucet it seems). Sry to hear that it didn't go as well for you :/ Hab's schon ein paar Mal genutzt und hatte keine Schwierigkeiten, außer einmal für längere Zeit das drehende Rad, als sie es temporär abgeschaltet hatten (scheinbar um die Faucet wieder aufzufüllen). Tut mir leid zu hören, dass es bei dir nicht so gut gelaufen ist :/

Step-By-Step Guide for the Tezos Foundation's Faucet | Get free XTZ from the official Tezos Foundation every 48 hours [Update IV]

21 Jan 2020 Neon-Kitten

23 January 2020
Sry to hear that, it definitely works more than once. As already replied to Nick in a comment above, you also may have triggered the Foundation's prevention system by trying it too often in a row or by switching / using multiple IP addresses in quick succession. However, that's just a wild guess from my side, I dunno for sure.

Step-By-Step Guide for the Tezos Foundation's Faucet | Get free XTZ from the official Tezos Foundation every 48 hours [Update IV]

21 Jan 2020 Neon-Kitten

23 January 2020
Strange & sry to hear that. Maybe you went a bit crazy with the checking of the faucet or tried it too often, maybe even with different/multiple IPs in a row? (Foundation might consider that as trying to trick the system, but I dunno...)

Step-By-Step Guide for the Tezos Foundation's Faucet | Get free XTZ from the official Tezos Foundation every 48 hours [Update IV]

21 Jan 2020 Neon-Kitten

22 January 2020
Seems like they shut this service down for the moment. Let's hope for a quick return as it was a nice gesture to devs, user & fans alike.

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  Hi everybody, this is my first post here. I would like to introduce you to my music. I compose in a non-traditional way. I create algorithmic compositions on Android. My applications generate sound in real time using various algorithms.   Cycles Th...

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Macro Photography Session | Aloe Vera in Perspective

27 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments aleister

Hi everyone Back to another session of macro photography. Today I adopted another plant well known not only for its decorative ability but essentially for the most varied applications and benefits such as soothing, healing, anesthetic, anti-thermal...


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Luminescence By Shelley M. Latreille Rejoin the living and embrace your scenic shadow.Disengage the chains and disconnect the lock.Your catatonic smile makes the sinister demons feel elated.Turn yourself inside out so that your internal monologue wi...

Suzanne Ciani ‎– Buchla Concerts 1975 [Modular World]

28 Dec 2019 1 minute read comments Solar Phasing

  Hello Music Lovers, :0) Another great Electronic Music record! This one is special because it's make history: the Buchla Concerts 1975 from Suzanne Ciani, a pioneer in Electronic Music. It's all about Modular Synthetizers, here the Buchla one's....


Solar Phasing

French experimental music composer. Long Long time Gamer. Scifi and Space fan. Comics. Kind of Geek. Crypto invester/enthousiast


I am sports expert since 2009.


I'm a freelance writer. Hence I read a lot to gain more knowledge and put them to work.


I've been aware of Bitcoin since 2011 and have methodically followed it daily. I pull together the most relevant news articles, blog post, videos, podcast, and social media mentions to create "Crypto Watch' a daily brief sent before 9AM EST.


Software build


Sou casado tenho 1 filho tenho 34 anos moro no Brasil


If you are lucky, cryptocurrency may bring some wealth, but I think it is becoming a practical method of ideal life, and I just take action to practice it.


I'm a beekeeper electrician in a great small town in a terrible state.

Sasha Raven

Poet, writer...

Captain Fin

The world is an infinitely evolving ecosystem, full of wonder we seek to discover the latest technologies disrupting our surroundings. Working towards a new adventure sailing around the world, powered by solar and wind in an Eco Catamaran.

Kull of Atlantis

Reader, writer, hermit.


I'm a badass in training. I make online shops and read science fiction.


I am Crypto lover



Richard F. Yates

I'm an artist, author, poet, editor, and critic living in the Pacific Northwest. (Bigfoot Country!) I like weird stuff.


Ashok Kumar...self employee...

zeytin - oil

Crypto Money - Trade- İnvest - Stake -Lending

Lucian Nagy Composer Multi ethnic instrumentalist I'm an artist/Musicoin ambassador. You can find out more by visiting my webpage from the link above. I'm here to present the blend between the art/music & cryptonian world.


Let's inspire each other on this investment journey together!

Sara Spa

Blogger and crypto enthusiast

Komin BAT

I earn crypto


Hello! I'm Marlon from Philippines and recently fill this form to be a member on this community. Presently, I am taking this opportunity to know more about Cryptocurrency and to understand more, invest and make money.


Cryptolover & Enthusiast


I enjoy learning and investing in crypto currencies


You Can also earn crypto here:


I love Deep Web & Crypto ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Photography / Music / Travel / Graphic Design / Crypto / Digital Experiments



The Stupid

I like too many stuffs and life is too short to fully experience all of them. At least here I can read and write about them.


Im jen, 34 yrs old,working here in hongkong as domestic helper


Aprendiendo sobre las criptomonedas


ora cetho


I can't talk in English properly.


It's nice to have now but you can't take it with you. Cancer sucks. In memory of my best friend: The one who led me to be a better person than I ever thought I could be.


I am a self-taught photographer with a website with prints for sale on it. Also contracts if wanted for commercial use. The story of the dove is a question! What, how can I help you? What do we have to do?


I'm a futurist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, techie, artist and aspiring land surveyor. I like to solve problems. I have some ideas for a planned community.


a fun of crypto

TGS Source

Near Death Experiencer desiring to share what was shown me in death. Dedicated to Truth regardless of where it leads and counting on earning enough funds to help many more people be warm, safe, fed, and dry. Respected and dignified. Free Speech.


I am a student not a blogger but like to read at my spare time

CJ 1970

Been following Crypto and everything about it for a few years now. I'm loving it!


Saya seorang pekerja keras inggin maju dan sukses


earn crypto passion of NFL


Like to read


Analitic dreamers and crypto trader


Am an easy going fellow with 100% dislike for negativity, always like to try new ideas, visit new places while having fun, an extrovert with open mind.


Entusiasta crypto y cazador de airdrops


I like old cars and technology


We are Providing the World Sustainable standard URL Shortener Platform. On this Web-Based Platform, You Can Not Just Make You Links Shorter You Can Also Make Money From Link Shortener Platform.


hi im from south africa and new to crypto world i do hope to learn a lot from this site


Good job


I'm a fun loving virgo writer enthusiast. I'm human


Sposato con figli disocupato


Co-Creator of Vieanna. I blog about our international travel adventures and everything that is not covered by Vieanna.


sono una persona ambizziosa e cerca il successo

stevo muchoki

Take it easy! Lets all win!


A crypto lover and just completing Bsc, really love to be in the cryptospace. Love you for leading.


Jovem moreno 37 anos


I've drawn ever since I could remember, but it's mostly been just a casual hobby. I started drawing more seriously after my Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. I spent the time during her treatments to relax with art.


Interested in Blockchain Tech and DLT


im aj ,28 yrs old from phillippines.


STONER BABY MEDIA, was founded to edify & cultivate the future of our international communities as well as assert our professional content trending strategies to properly market and advertise companies and indie-visuals to the world. Tap In‼️


Per aspera ad astra

Rowena Alba

Newbie member.


@Smikex420 Outdoor Autor Promoter and Lifestyle of Magic Dreads Time for Plan B Chance the World, use Bitcoin!! The biggest Scam ever? Euro, Dollar.....


I am Sanele and am 37 cool looking guy this is my first time here I hope I will do my best


Simple person




Ciao a tutti grazie per avermi accettata


Graphic designer and illustrator sharing my art, photography and more.


I'm a visual artist, mostly. Painter, Illustrator, photographer and similar stuff.


Noobie crypto enthusiast from Auckland, New Zealand, who works as a teacher.


Im a home body. I play guitar,piano,bass and violin. I also paint and draw. I have 3 children. I was diagnosed with severe depressive disorder and schizophrenia a few years ago....and I don't know if anyone will ever read my blogs,I've always wanted to bl


I'm a Cryptoartist, indie musician, writer and web3 enthusiast. I spend hours every day finding the hidden gems of the NFT and web3 ecosystems, and I'm proud to be bringing that information to a relevant audience.


I am a: Graphic Designer, Encourager, Web Researcher, Crypto Enthusiast - Only those who never give up will be able to reach their targets! I would like to be a PRO and connect with the greatest content creators in this community!


Cryptoxicate is a Blog dedicated to every level of crypto enthusiast but most focus on new crypto adopters

Lucid Vibrations

Writer - Poet - Photographer - Insult comic - Metaphysics - Reiki - Health - Energy worker - Activist - Spell Breaker - SPELLing - Linguistics - Healing - Waking Up

The Lebanese Girl

I am a curious girl from Lebanon who likes technology and have decided to explore Cryptocurrency ❤️


Law student talking about crypto-assets in a (mostly french) legal point of view and other stuff.


Am adventurous Compassionate spontaneous and warm hearted. More of a wandering spirit, a Traveller.


Disabled veteran, father of 7 and crypto investor with a natural talent for research and a God-given gift with numbers.


Just a Christian/gamer/techie/musician/sustainability lover that has decided to join this here platform.


I'm a professional illustrator. More than 30 year experience Based in Galicia


Specialising in Ancient and Classical Greek, Persian and Roman studies, particularly military history My Steemit page:

Seaweed King

graphic artist who loves mathematics.


I love what I love.


Nerd, bon vivant, sci fi writer. Dynamite with a laser beam.


Cryptocurrency enthusiast, tour guide, radio broadcast producer and graphic designer. Freedom of Thought and Solidarity Supporter.


Huge fan of anime, books, and cats


Writes from the heart.

Julius Thandi

I am a Dad who failed miserably at Affiliate marketing. This is where Crypto came in and I am trying my hand at trading this sweet tokens. Yea, I still owe the government in Student loans🤫

bobby dig!tal

I'm a developer and love all kinds of technology


Words are powerful.


Learned about crypto in 2016 and have been going down the rabbit hole ever since...


BA and MSc in International Relations. New to cryptocurrency. One of the best political analysis. Expert in terrorism, post-conflict states and state-building. Up-to-date to everyday political and foreign news.


I am not a Robot.


Fullstack Webdeveloper with his roots in DevOps Engineering.

Richard Homin

I am a teenager with high aspirations and a love for reading and writing and the writing of poetry is my release. So i write all the time as that's the main reason i have fun.


I'm cute, shy, god-fearing.


Writer. Motivational speaker. Farmer. Relationship coach. God lover.


Writes about anything and everything, as long as it is interesting.


Hey, I'm Portuguese Artist and a professor to be. Direct and honest to the point of no return. Noting obvious everything is Molecules and dreams. (I'm dyslexic)


Crypto Enthusiast and Gamer


20 year-old Business Administration student who has a heart to write and learn, to inspire and be inspired.


Data process, security systems expert