BankDex: You Can Easily Trust to Fulfill Your Expectations...

BankDex: You Can Easily Trust to Fulfill Your Expectations...

By pinku007 | pinku007 | 28 Jun 2019

Project details:-

Bankdex is a decentralized exchange that starts with and the experienced trader can manage transactions securely and quickly. Multicurrency wallet will be provided for convenient trading of users and users will not be able to pay the transaction fee for the first 90 days of the platform. Another feature of the platform is the transaction canceling function, which allows users to cancel transactions without paying a fine or fee.

We are proud to offer one of the best and most unique decentralized exchanges known as Bankdex. Enjoy a lot of low fees, amazing speed transactions, and extraordinary hardware and software ports that have a great deal of money. A team of professionals and highly experienced teams tried their best to provide the highest level of security with the highest level of security. We are one thousand times faster than other decentralized exchanges so that one million transactions per second will surely surprise you. Create a series of interesting and profitable business for yourself and your family and dear one. It is notable that a group of great mathematicians have made us partners and created new algorithms for significant improvements in transaction speed. Bankdex is ready to host a big number of people worldwide through outstanding benefits to help you gain easy access.

However, BankDex is the first decentralised exchange that solves the transaction problem of cross-chain transfer between different blockchain accounts in a distributed ledger network. On BankDex traders will be able to trade BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, and other ERC20 TOKENS. The platform ensures swift peer-to-peer transactions for over 500 tokens from the crypto-world.


Speciality of this Project :-

BankDex is a decentralized exchange designed specifically to overcome the inefficiency of modern day exchange. BankDex is exceptional due to the following reasons:
  • BankDex is built on a core technology that has high-speed and high-performance servers. The platform verifies the transaction and makes it almost instantly non-reverse.
  • Traders' resources are absolutely safe, because they do not need to submit to the central wallet.
  • Our platform uses DAG which makes it impossible to relate to  tamper with trading transaction history
  • Designed with support for practical services such as trading margin.
  • Our Platform is fully extensible and will support the growing number of coins even in the future.

Here is a token called SAM. SAM is a new cryptocurrency token that is expected to empower the BankDex platform and function as a global cross-border digital currency for credit enthusiasts.

Advantages of SAM:-

It is notable that SAM is known as a convenient token, and so our team is doing their best to provide various user-friendly benefits in the future. Currently, there are two attractive available facilities for SAM holders. Below, you will find a generalization of accessibility features:-
  1. All users who keep our tokens in their accounts from 5 to 12 months will benefit from some specified additional interest rates allocated to them. 
  2. All users having SAM balance on their wallet will also benefit from free transactions in the BankDex exchange. 

A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Bankdex helps in cooperating with smart contracts without the controlling third party. It provides the best of the decentralized world with the trader having full control of the fund. Bankdex accelerates trade with centralized combined services and a wallet facility, which in return eliminates fundraising requirements.




Bankdex Ready to Solve:-

BankDex solves the following challenges for both types(central & Decentralized) of exchanges:-

1.Connects different blockchains in a distributed manner

2.Enables both Cross-chain and intra-chain transactions

3.Integrates with any public, private or consortium chain

4.Enables high token exchange privacy

5.Supports low cost transactions

Our Mission Is “a decentralized crypto currency trading exchange, we want to make crypto trading easier, faster and accessible to anyone.”

Why the BankDex is advance Security system?

Secure transactions with the use of the BankDex Smart contract. No signup is needed to exchange before the transaction starts, which protects traders from sharing personal information. However, each token will be made under a KYC system before getting the exchange.

The private keys of BankDex are highly protected with the help of the Intel SGX, Stake Protocol Proof and distribution domain and kernel node distribution system. What is highly distributed is the key to duplicate and secret fate guaranteeing that keys are safe from damage.

Top Facility of our Platform:-

BankDex offers decentralization exchanges with unique features that today's cryptocurrency exchange and hinders have a huge size. Being a decentralized system, it's not the single point of failure.

Easy & Safe:-
BankDex transactions faster, easier and safer.
Free Cancelation:-
Enables immediate cancelation of a transaction at zero charge.
No Registration:-
Transactions to be carried out without the need of registration or admin confirmation.
Unlimited withdrawals:-
BankDex does not limit the number of decentralized exchange withdrawal numbers.
Multi-wallet Support:-
Offers seamless integration with different types of cryptocurrency wallets including hardware and software wallet.
Peer to peer architecture:-
Platform built on a peer to peer architecture without the involvement from any third party APIs.
Free transactions:-
BankDex allows free trading, without any fees for the first 90 days. After the period, it imposes a nominal fee of 0.003USD.
Unparalleled Transparency:-
BankDex offers unparalleled transparency by storing all deposits, order books and withdrawals on the blockchain
Wallet to wallet trade:-
Enables wallet to wallet transactions with a powerful blockchain Smart Contract in place.
BankDex supports scalability with the provision to trade more coins and assets in the future
Account Recovery:-
In case of a lost account, BankDex has the built in provision to enable account recovery to a new device.
Simulator Exchange:-
BankDex includes simulator exchange that helps to improve trading without risking real money.

Since traders’ convenience is of utmost importance, the BankDex user interface has been designed with a special focus on ease-of-use. All the functionality for trading is easily accessible and a trader can start instantly, even if they are not unfamiliar with different cryptocurrencies or blockchains.

One of the most trust of this project is “If the intended amount of soft cap is not sold, all funds paid by users will be returned to their accounts immediately.





Token information:

Token:      SAM Token

Platform:   Ethereum

Type:        ERC20

Accepting: BTC,ETH,USDT, BCC

Distributed in ICO: 45%

Soft cap:  1,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 6,500,000 USD  

PreICO price: 1 SAM Token = 0.019 USD

Price in ICO:  0.0190 USD  


ICO Presale Round 1 - 24 June, 2019 — 15 July, 2019. 25%

ICO Presale Round 2 -16July , 2019 — 5 August, 2019. 15%  

Tokens for sale:  450,000,000  






More Details:-






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