The Lone Boatman Thrives When his Crew is Aboard (Spliterlands Match Overview)

By PinkGeeRough | PinkGeeRough Gaming | 17 Mar 2021

Lone Boatman

The lone boatman is an Untamed Life Monster card that is valuable ranged 5-cost in Splinterlands. With its snipe ability, it can target low-health targets that are at the front. Its 1 armor also provides use against enemy Opportunists, Snipes and Sneakers, being able to take a powerful attack without affecting its health.



Match Showcase

As part of the Splinterlands weekly challenge, as a new player, I have decided to take part. Even though I do not own a massive collection yet, the Lone Boatman is a playable card (despite being unowned). In this match, I used Tyrus' ability to give an additional armor to all my monsters. With a Clay Golem in front and a Dwarf within Reach, the Lone Boatman is able to consistently snipe the enemy targets.

Card Rating

As a common card, I would rate this as a 4/5 card. The Lone Boatman is somewhat slow, with only 2 speed, but remains quite valuable. Although at lvl 1, the 3 health is somewhat low, the armor brings value to this, being able to take a ranged 2 attack for just 1 armor damage. Moreover, the snipe, as seen in the video, was able to take-out the Healer Crustacean, which allowed my melee monsters to kill their front turtle without much healing persistence.

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