Runaway Dreams

Runaway Dreams


Runaway Dreams

By - C O N F L U X Music By Deggsy - @nakedverse Lyrics / Vocals By Alison

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Runaway Dreams

I close my eyes and find a place
Where no one sees me
I disappear without a trace
I free my mind
And do the things that make me feel good
I leave the noise
So far behind

My head is so full of daydreams
Runaway dreams
In the sun dreams
My head is so full of daydreams 
Runaway dreams

I drift in time to see whats mine
I'd like to see 
Whats there before me
Don't want to walk
These paths alone
I'll share my dreams if you come with me

Lets leave the past so far behind
Leave the noise so far behind
Leave the past
Leave the noise

Another Conflux Track with Big Drums and a Wonderful Vocal.

Music Deggsy
Vocals/Lyrics Alison Cowie

Hope you enjoy!

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