Pibble Listed on Coinone with PIB/KRW Pair. Check out our Trading and Airdrop Opportunities.

Pibble Listed on Coinone with PIB/KRW Pair. Check out our Trading and Airdrop Opportunities.

By Bryan_Seoul | PIBBLE.io | 17 Jul 2019


Pibble is happy to announce that we have been listed on the Coinone exchange with PIB/KRW pairing. To celebrate the listing, we are running a few events so that our supporters can earn more Pibble.


About Coinone (https://coinone.co.kr/)

Coinone is one of the largest cryptocurreny exchanges based in South Korea. Their core mission is “ Bringing Blockchain into the World,A world permeated with a new way of connecting. At Coinone, we believe in the future of infinite potential brought by connection and transfer of value enabled by blockchain. ” They embrace this vision by providing a platform that users can trust, by providing innovation in the marketplace, and using in-depth analysis by trusted experts in the blockchain industry to provide a level of professionalism. Additionally, Coinone became the first South Korean cryptocurrency exchange to launch an overseas branch (Coinone Indonesia).



Coinone Give

In addition to their cryptocurreny exchange, Coinone has a charitable contribution arm to help give back to the community as a whole. One of the goals of their contributions is to provide coding knowledge to underprivlaged groups in order to provide a path to economic freedom and empowerment.


Pibble Coinone Trading Events

Event Duration: July 16th Trading start ~ July 22nd 11:59:59 PM KST

[Event 1–1: Top 5 PIB Daily Trade Volume]

Round 1: July 16th 3pm KST ~ July 17th 2:59:59 KST

Round 2: July 17th 3pm KST ~ July 18th 2:59:59 KST

Round 3: July 18th 3pm KST ~ July 19th 2:59:59 KST

Round 4: July 19th 3pm KST ~ July 20th 2:59:59 KST

Round 5: July 20th 3pm KST ~ July 21st 2:59:59 KST

Announcement Date: Expected July 24th

The Pibble trade event has 5 rounds and the rewards will be distributed as follows. Don’t miss out on your chance to win some of 3 BTC in total rewards.

Real-time Rank (announced 3pm KST)


**Trade Volume Reward will be sent in BTC**

Trading pair: PIB/KRW

Reward Calculation: (Personal Trading Volume / Total Trade volume) X Reward Amount (ex: 60 / 100 X .42 = .252 BTC)

[Event 1–2: Daily Purchase Leader]

Each day, the user who purchases the most PIB by net volume will be rewarded with 500,000 PIB.

Event time: July 16th market open ~ July 22nd 23:59:59, one per day

Announcement: expected July 24th


PIB Net Purchase calculation = (During event duration) PIB Purchase Amount - PIB Selling Amount - PIB Withdraw Amount

[Event 1–3: Lottery Reward for 100 participants]

For 2 days, any user who purchases more than 50,000 PIB will be entered into the lottery. We will select 100 people at random that will be eligible for part of the 3,500,000 total PIB airdrop.

Event duration: July 16th trading start ~ July 17th 23:59:59

Announcement: expected July 24th



[Event 2: Pibble App Level up event]

Level up in Pibble app and earn 10,000 PIB bonus!

Duration: 7/16~7/31 (15 days)

Eligible users: New users who register after July 16th.

(Note: This event is only available for coinone users. If you do not have a coinone account, you are not eligible to participate. The event is being run by coinone, if you have any questions, please contact them for more information.)

How to participate:

1. Download and Register the Pibble app on iOS or Android

2. Register for the event in the Google form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfjbCT8PVIfC4NfwSUnb2RGYkIcptJKq8bvIkdaBtOboCXI-w/viewform

3. Level up in the Pibble app by posting contents.

Announcement: Early August


Event notes:

· To be eligible to participate, you must fill out the google form: (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfjbCT8PVIfC4NfwSUnb2RGYkIcptJKq8bvIkdaBtOboCXI-w/viewform)

· If you are having issues with the google form, please open it in google chrome.

· This event is only available to new users who are starting at Level 1 and register after the start of the event.

· Reward amount (Level at the end of event) X 10,000 PIB (max reward is level 25)

· Example: A user who achieves level 15 by the end of the event would be rewarded with 150,000 PIB

· The announcement of winners may be delayed for internal reasons

· In the case of a large amount of winners, rewards will be paid from the highest level users first until the reward amount is exhausted.

· The number of winners will be announced and winners will be contacted individually.

Event Notice

• These events are only available for Coinone members who have agreed to accept marketing information.

• Marketing acceptance agreements must be completed by the end of the event, and if they are not maintained until the payment of the prize, you will not be eligible.

• If you participate in an event in an unusual or illegal way, you may be excluded from the winner selection and may be canceled after winning.

• If the transaction is determined to be cross trading/self-trading, you will be ineligible to win.

• Event Rewards will be issued in a lump sum after the event winners are announced. (Detailed payment schedule will be announced again in the winner announcement)

• Members participating in a Market Making(MM) program are not eligible for the event.

• Event end time is based on coin server time. Some errors may occur with your smartphone time.

• The event will be held by the company but may be changed or suspended at the request of the project. The rights and responsibilities of the event are on the project side.

• If the event is over KRW 50,000, only the amount of the prize will be paid.

  • The original currency conversion amount of the cryptocurrency shown at the top can be changed according to the price change and conversion base of the corresponding cryptocurrency.

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