Pibble Alpha Opened for International Download!

Pibble Alpha Opened for International Download!

By Bryan_Seoul | PIBBLE.io | 20 Jun 2019



For the last year, Pibble has been hard at work at getting our platform ready for everyone. We have have completed our closed alpha test and our open alpha has been available for Korean testers for the last month. However, now we are ready to open up our alpha test to the rest of the world.

**Note: As we have been running our open alpha in Korea only until now, the user percentage of Korean users is high. However, don’t let that discourage you from expanding our international user presence.**

What is Pibble?

Pibble is a blockchain-based social media network that rewards creators directly for their great contents. Think of it as similar to Instagram, except all your upvotes can be directly converted to PIB cryptocurrency within the platform. With our compensation model, creators are rewarded for their content instead of just being happy about their number of likes.


Current active functions: Camera posting and Commerce

How can I start Pibble?

Our Open Alpha version is available for download right now on the google play store and iOS app store. You can either search “Pibble” or follow the below links to get started.


Pibble - Blockchain Social Media - Apps on Google Play
Download now for Android. Pibble — the blockchain made social. play.google.com


‎Pibble — blockchain Social Media — Available for iOS.
Download now for iOS. Pibble — the blockchain made social. itunes.apple.com

How can I earn on the platform?

The easiest way to earn on the platform is post great pictures that you think other users would be interested in. If the user gives you an upvotes, you will recieve PRB (pibble red brush) which can be converted to PIB cryptocurrency within the internal wallet function. By uploading content, you will recieve PGB (pibble green brush) which you can use to upvote other users content. This PGB can only be used for upvoting others, so as to prevent users from spam posting too much content at one time.


Use your PGB to upvote → Other user recieves PRB

What kind of pictures should I upload to start earning now?

Well, upload content that you yourself would like to see. The better the quality of your photos, the more likely other users would be willing to upvote you, the more you can earn on the platform. Anything fun, interesting, or your high quality photos will do well on the platform. Give it a try to see what content gets the best results.


A few photo examples from the platform.

I downloaded it now, but I need some help!

If you need help, I am available in telegram to answer any of your questions. Just contact me there and I will do my best to explain anything that you are not sure about.

Pibble telegram channel:

Pibble announcement and communication open groupt.me

Contact me directly:


As always, follow us on our other social media:

Homepage: https://www.pibble.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/pibbleio_eng

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pibbleio/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pibbleio



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A new SNS platform out of Seoul. Passing along the rewards from social networking engagement to the actual content creators. Post, Like, Engage in ecommore and be rewarded!

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