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Receive 30000CNG ($ 300) for registration of Coinsbit 2020

Receive 30000CNG ($ 300) for registration of Coinsbit 2020

By Phuocmmo | PhuocMMO | 14 Apr 2020

Instructions to register a floor account Coinsbit receive 30000 CNG cost $ 300
Today I will show you how to make money with coinsbit. Register and verify successfully the account on Coinsbit get free 30000 CNG equivalent to $ 300 free !!!

Register Account:

Ok first understand what it is? How to make money with it?
Currently Coinsbit launches a new member referral program, when you sign up for an account immediately receive 30000 CNG according to the announcement on Coinsbit, it will cost about $ 300, later this June it will go to the floor of Coinsbit you will sell and withdraw to ATM (register to receive for free but just try it).

What are coinsbit?
Coinsbit is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Eastern Europe. Based in Estonia.

How To Make A Lot Of CNG With Coinsbit

After you successfully register for an account (pull down below, I will guide you), you will receive immediately 30,000 CNG and 1 link of your own introduction.
February 20, 2020 to May 20, 2020 Coinsbit launches a 5-tier referral program. When you introduce your link, please invite people to click and join to register for a new account. When they register your account via Link and successfully verify they receive 30000 CNG and you also receive 30000CNG (call them F1).
When F1 continues to introduce new participants successfully registered (called your F2) you get 15000CNG and so on F2 invites F3 you receive 7500CNG, F3 introduces F4 you get 5000 CNG and finally F4 introduces F5 you get 2500CNG. (Due to the new program, they gave it away for free to introduce their platform. Later on, the program has to buy CNG with money.
The picture below is mine after nearly 1 month plowing hoes with Coinsbit.


Register Account:

Then ok start registering instructions for account verification
Sign up

Enter your email and create a password.
Step 2 = >> Log in to your email to receive emails from coinsbit and click on the link in the email coinsbit sent to confirm.
(If you don't see the incoming coinsbit email it may be in the spam section)

Step 3 = >> After clicking on the link in the email you will be directed to the home page of your coinsbit
Click on your name in the top right corner with your computer or the 3 dash button on your mobile phone.
and select the item VERIFY (Verification)

continue to appear on the 2nd page for you to submit a verification image that has 3 ways to submit an image!
1) Passport
2) Proof of Identity (take the front and back, send the 2 photos)
3) Driver's license (also taking 2 front and back pictures)
I choose the ID Card. Then the lower part has the picture:

You take a photo exactly the same way and have a clean face! One side holds a paper that says and the date of his registration is. (Bigger paper is also guaranteed for censors to read because of censorship by hand) One side is holding their identity card and sending it to them to click Submit. Finished note before clicking Submit back to the information page filled out carefully check the information again 1 if it is ok then click Submit and wait for the people to confirm it (usually about 1 day when the sign appears green area as its picture is ok and red X is wrong need to check what is wrong then fix it).

After completing verification, click on the Introduction (REFERRALS) and scroll down to see the link for your private registration!
Click Copy (referral link) and recommend to everyone with that link !!!

Register Account:

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