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Kiếm tiền với Brave Browser

Make Money Online With Brave Browser

By Phuocmmo | PhuocMMO | 14 Apr 2020

Brave is a long-term project that you can do with it, this project you just need to replace with the normal web browser you are going to become Brave browser and then you can earn money.

Brave can be considered a 'mature' version of Google Chrome, when there are special features for people who spend a lot of time surfing the web. Because it is based on the Chromium core, Brave has full features like Chrome, including extensions, compatibility with Google services on many devices and high speed.

In terms of features, Brave has a lot more, there are those that can replace the software that needs to be installed in Chrome. First we have to mention ad blocking system and tracking software built. This software is very effective and especially has the ability to open ads (white list) of the websites you want, block auto-play videos (auto-play).


Brave's reward system for content creators and users
Content creators depend on ads to stay active. However, ads are not displayed on the Brave browser. So how does the Brave browser support online advertisers?

The Brave browser takes a unique approach when it comes to "compensating" for creators. The awards are made through the Brave Ads network and user contributions. Content creators are required to register with the network before earning revenue. Registered content creators earn 55% of alternative ad revenue.

To start making money with Brave, you need to download and use Brave for 30 days. Brave has up to 8 times faster surfing speed than chrome and safari, and has a built-in ad blocking feature, helping your phone save battery and 4G data.

Click HERE to download Brave.:

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