Gateway Arch

By blackmagyk | Photos of the USA | 12 Oct 2020

Hey everyone, during my road trip across the USA, I visited many famous places. Among those, including the Gateway Arch and Yellowstone River (visit my Yellowstone River post). The Arch had opened a few days before I was there and there was hardly anyone in the building at all, even considering social distancing. As such, my family and I were the only ones the summit! We had free roam around the 32 windows that were there. Here are some of the best pictures that I took there. (I took these with a Pixel 4).


The view up top was better than I had expected. It was a bright sunny day with minimal cloud cover and no precipitation for miles.

According to the blurb at the top of Gateway Arch, we would see as far as thirty miles away!

I have many more photos if people are curious, thanks for reading!


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Photos of the USA
Photos of the USA

A place to store and share all the photos that I have taken around the USA through my travels.

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