Creativity - An old framed painting pencil coloured. for a surprisingly fun turnout

hello friends!

the other day, while moaping around the house, probably moaning something about feeling a cold coming on. making my last wills and testiments on my girlfriends way too little bathrobe. i think i delightfully managed to turn the conversation into "having absoloutly nothing too doo", (already being late on most of my serius commitments, if not at the moment totally oblivius too them.

no it was something... "i was bored", something i am rarely... "i needed too create"...

looking around the room my eyes came across an an old framed painting colours "washed up" and nothing really standing out, we need to give this some colours i said to my girlfriend... where are you pencils. come, see what i mean, it´ll be great! i am "almost sure"... here is the piece before we started work on it.


maybe i´m too harsh, the painting looked alright, that is the artork, the condition of the colors was shameful.. i started by drawing one of the mountain peaks, slowly becoming more daring in my coloring choises.

and soon enough my girl was there with me on the floor drawing in the lines of this painting (reprint even). it was becoming more and more vibrant and vivid & colourful as time passed. soon the developing project looked like this.


another 30 minutes go by...


and here a closer look as amanda began to make the "drama" into the image, by those white line. oh my i tought she´d have might have ruined it. however knowing her stuff and not only going by gut feeling and driven purely by mad inspiration & caffine. she turned out to be right and it really turned out to "make the piece".


again i point out the pink stones! they truly are awesome! here tought i´ll show how a new app in my phone has turned portion of the image in to 8-bit commodore - 64 graphics ... becouse, you need too know how your selfies would have looked on a commadore computer!


looks like the beginning scenes of an amazing computer game, right?

as she drew the "motion" lines, and i drifted in & out of participation, not wanting to ruin anything, and also starting to work on this amazing creation on photoshop. it´s deffinatly not too much... even too little :p


however before the night was out! voila! may i present the finished piece.

"purple raven flies by pink rocks and can at times if you really want to be seen in commadore 64 format..."


i just picked the title, and i stand by it. :)

the last photo of this post is another photoshop work of mine, here working from the finished product.


i like how the raven can be seen ... or is it a hawk or some kynd of eagle? i´m not sure... however from "photography" perspective, i like literally the perspective, the bird is coming down at the veiwer like a predator after it´s pray. i shot from below looking in hmm 45 degree angle up at the "subject".

thank you all for reading. i want to encourage anyone to do project like this, post about it and make sure to tag me.

i hope you all have a wonderful day! stay creative and positive! keep steeming, sharing and caring! (still trying catchphrases... i kynda like this one!).

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Photography - for education and enjoyment!
Photography - for education and enjoyment!

Hello evryone and welcome t my photography & visual arts blog. I welcome the opportunity to be able to share with you my faviorite photografs from my own collection, as well as maybe go back in history and take a look at some iconic photographs and try to go into a discussion on what it is, that makes a particular image "iconic". Even, what makes a photograph "good", what definitions are there, and how are they "flexible" since photography obviusly is an artform much rather than a scientific disipline.

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