The Potential of a Global Economic Debt Reset and My Introduction on Publish0x!

By phoneinf | phoneinf | 30 Apr 2019

Hello Publish0x! 

First a small introduction. My name is Adrian and this will be my first blog post on this platform. I decide to feature my video I did today about the topic of the global economy and a potential reset of it. Who am I? I am a guy interested in Cryptocurrency, Technology and Philosophy. I have made YouTube videos since 2009 on my main YouTube channel called adrianisen. Where I for example had a hit video that reached 130 million clicks!

Now I mainly do vlogs and have been full time involved in the Crypto space since January 2018 when I discovered the Steem Blockchain via a friend that told me about it. My page here. It was a total paradigm shift for me. And I haven't been the same since. For me the Blockchain space was very hypnotizing. Now I do vlogs full-time to learn more about this Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space to see how it will evolve. I like to consider the society aspect how humans will interact with this new Technology and how society and culture will shift.

Lots of videos!

So I do lots of vlogs on new ideas. Reason why I moved away from just doing stuff about smartphones was because they peaked around 2015, now it's mainly about the software experience. And how I wanted to move my content to more of a "Human authentic" side/vibe. To try to explore the nuances of life much more.

Hardware has become a bit more boring. I can also see how the other platforms such as YouTube has a hard time to scale power to users. Which is why I'm constantly on a look out for cool platforms that are very innovative. That empowers both the consumers and the creators.


A friend told me about Publish0x. And that's why I'm here! 

Fiat to Tokens

This video just shortly talks a bit about what has been on my mind lately about the global economy. And the shift from Fiat money to Digital Tokens. I like to do my content a bit open and just let things come to me. Thanks for listening! 

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