Publish0x - A great opportunity to get some Basic Attention Token

By Phabulu | phabulu | 24 Sep 2019

I'm here for only a few days, And I'm already really happy, years ago I have given up from faucets, earning nothing.

I use Steemit a LOT, with the recent addition of tribes, I've started to earn a few steem, which is a good token, but I have an account there more than a year, but let's look here now.

In one week here on Publish0x I have already got 4 BAT, is not that much, but is awesome, Basic Attention Token is one of the most promising projects and token worth having right now, I'm really enjoy earn some BAT here, for free, So I can HODL that token for a long time. 


Resultado de imagem para basic attention token


I wish I can earn more, But brave rewards are not available in my country, so my chance to get some bat is here.


I see here on publish0x, A great opportunity to get some Basic Attention Token.

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