Introducing Build-It: DIY platform on STEEM

By Phabulu | phabulu | 23 Sep 2019

Before I begin, lets me clarify, that I've Express permition to post this content here.

I've did the post bounties and also asked if I can publish this post here, so, all good.


Introducing Build-It: DIY platform on STEEM


It is with joy we bring to you our latest project, Build-It, a DIY platform to find and share life hacks. The platform leverages a robust digital token, called the BUILD.


BUILD tokens serve as a tool to assign and transfer value to DIY content efficiently and instantly across the world.

visit us at https://Build-It.ioWhy DIY ?


There’s something incredibly satisfying about building something.


  • Curiosity: Do you want to learn how everyday gadgets work? Your car's stereo? Your smartphone? Or your lawnmower?


Hmm, let me see.


  • No time to wait: The next available appointment of your plumber is days away? You are out of town and need a smartphone quick fix? DIY is all about doing it here and now.


Do it now !


  • Limited resources: Couldn't find the exact spare part for your hot rod? Fret not, DIY is here to provide you with real solutions using what is already available to you.


When a 90s model fits an 80s model.


  • Cost saving: Is your plumber asking for too much? Perhaps you can do it yourself cheaper.


Save up some $


  • Not good enough: Many companies compromise on quality to increase profit margins. Here you can build-it from the ground up with the highest quality components on the market.


Better,faster, stronger !


  • Does not exist: Is what you are looking for too specific? Do you have special requirements? Your setup is non-standard? No worries, this is what we are all about.


Boom! there you go...


What are BUILD tokens?

BUILD tokens are utility tokens that assign real value to DIY media content based on a community decided value.

What to do with BUILD tokens?

--> Vote and get 50% curation rewards (you must stake BUILD tokens).
--> Promote posts.
--> Tip each other.
--> Invest in a growing DIY community.
--> Buy, sell or exchange them on STEEM-ENGINE.


What should you do?

Simply include the following tags in your next DIY related post.

Hash tag it:

#diy | #how-to#do-it-yourself | #build | #build-it


For updates, follow us on @build-it, we are excited to be here !

Join us on discord or Telegram.

Hey, I can do this myself! and so can you.

This project is run and supported by our witness .

Vote for us !



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