BitWings Token, a native currency of Wings Mobile ecosystem, with 100% guaranteed issuing value.

By Phabulu | phabulu | 24 Sep 2019

BitWings Token, a native currency of Wings Mobile ecosystem, with 100% guaranteed issuing value.


Knowledge is never limited to the mind of one individual, thoughts usually reverberate all the earth reaching the minds of millions of people. If this thought is not shared then there will be a great disparity in the ways the economic life of the world move, BitWings could be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market.
It is a very promising Token worth having, in my opinion, will be a milestone in the new generation, even if is new token, it is already being highly conquered by its followers around the world.

I welcome you, any kind of investors, to meet a very interesting and the unique project BitWings.

Crypto-Tokens represents a true revolution in the process of buying and selling products and/or services nowadays. With just a few clicks and reduced costs, you can get goods from distant countries, with reduced costs. And best of all, without all the bureaucracy that existed before.
This is not surprising, because due to the decentralization of the cryptocurrency, it has become a very competitive differential for many companies, especially those that operate in the international market.
The evolution of money as we know will change, and the evolution of every industry all the time is fast, this strongly implies that Cryptocurrencies projects, probably in many forms, will be in our future.

Bitwings is the first crypto coin of technological shelter able to resist the crisis of the cryptocurrency market.


Great eh? want to know more about it? There are many other positive and interesting things in the project, Let's go further on the BitWings project.

Introduction - Wings Mobile

Wings Mobile is a Spanish virtual mobile operator founded in 2007, focused on the development of innovative software, smartphones and laptops. After less than a year into their new business strategy, implemented in 2017, the company received the ALCI AWARD for ‘Best Technological Design’ for their state-of-the-art smartphones that were created with a focus on innovation, security, and price.

The mobile communication market is evolving swiftly and has unstoppable momentum. Beyond the traffic of information through voice (calls) and data (with all of the applications available for smartphones), mobile has become the main operational channel for financial activities and other exchanges of sensitive information.

Wings Mobile believes that the future is built on incorporating security protocols and tools into our products that will also facilitate seamless trades on crypto exchanges and enable crypto payments for goods and services.

Wings Mobile 6 Pillars

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Usability
  • Fair price
  • Innovation

BitWings, the cryptocurrency of Wings Mobile

  • The First cryptocurrency with 100% GUARANTEED emission value.
  • Minimum value of $ 0.20 in all physical and online Wings Mobile stores.
Bitwings (BWN) is the official cryptocurrency of WingsMobile, the company that produces the MinePhone WX ™.

Investors have 100% guaranteed issuance value of BWN Token


In this case, you will have obtained a benefit in relation to the amount of BWN you have purchased and the % bonus you received during the ICO phase in which you participated.


We can guarantee that your BWN is worth $ 0.20 in all Wings Mobile stores: On line and Off Line. In practice, it is as if you had an equivalent in technological products that guarantees its capital at the time of purchasing the tokens.

This instrument guarantees avoiding the collapse of the BWN token, since to be accepted directly by wings mobile at a minimum value of 0.20 USD, it avoids that in case of speculative actions that devalue the value of the token being sold below the issue value.
Bitwings token, BWN, is a value deposit, backed by the guarantee of having its issuance value of $0.20 at all times. This is a PROTECTION against market fluctuations, once the coin is available on exchanges and other types of buying and selling platforms.

The team believes that incorporating security protocols and tools in their products is what the future is built on. This will ensure seamless trades on crypto exchanges and allow crypto payments for services and goods.

The mission of this project is to come up with devices which maximize the security and privacy standards of electronic devices without having to sacrifice the freedom to use all available apps. They provide software solutions dedicated to the protection of the user’s privacy. The project is integrating neural technology within the new X series devices, incorporating security features which are unique to their proprietary technology.


The MinePhone WX ™ is created exclusively for the BITWINGS ICO and is available to preorder only to ICO participants.


The first smartphone in the world that produces up to 2 Ethereum per month

1000 MH/S
Computing power that generates up to 2 Etherum per month.

This is the maximum daily data consumption that our MinePhone will have with the most powerful configuration.

0 KW/H
BitWings PoD protocol makes almost no impact on your smartphone’s battery consumption.

Daily payment
The Ethereums you generate every day is automatically paid to your electronic wallet.


We are living in times of digital transformation


Portable crypto mining, a new reality!

Now you have the opportunity to have a crypto miner in your hand without any fixed costs while generating guaranteed and constant income on a daily basis.


You can always carry it with you, knowing that your phone generates Ethereum while the energy consumption is close to zero. Just keep it switched “ON” to generate Ethereum.
Yes … your smartphone will do it even when you sleep!


No particular knowledge needed. No need to buy specialized machinery and ship them to remote locations in an attempt to reduce the cost because the price of electricity in your country is too high.

Why Minephone?

  • Ethereum Difficulty
    If during the 3 years of the mining contract the Eth Difficulty increases so as to considerably reduce the original monthly profit, it will be possible to extract an alternative cryptocurrency.
  • Ethereum Mining Rules
    If during the 3 years of the mining contract the Ethereum Mining Rules should prevent, for block validation protocols changes, the original monthly profit, it will be possible to extract an alternative cryptocurrency.
  • Wings WX Fault/Theft
    If during the 3 years of the mining contract the Minephone Wings WX fails or is stolen, it will be possible to suspend (for a maximum of 30 days) the mining contract so as to reactivate it (through a specific web page of the Customer.) at the same moment when the telephone is returned.
  • Exceptional Events
    If for any reason the Service Provider could no longer provide the Service to the Customer, an assessment will be made of the ROI obtained by the Customer for the purchase of the mining eth contract, so as to proceed with a partial or total refund in value Wings Mobile products.
- What happens if my MinePhone is broken? How long will it take to repair?

Just send your MinePhone to Wings Mobile and in 3 business days from the Date of Receipt, you will receive a new Wings WX, ready to continue to mine.

There has never been a mobile phone that gives you so many benefits.



WINGS MOBILE is developing its second generation of products: the WingsWX™ and WingsXBook™.

These devices will work with the Safe Core™ WINGS MOBILE operating system, Android-based, with an ultra-secure encryption core. The products inherited from WINGS MOBILE will also be available for purchase with the BWN token (with a 10% discount of the maximum retail price).


Wings mobile was proud to present its innovative devices among elite recognized companies such as Samsung and Huawei at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. The best creations of Wings mobile are Wings W3, W6, and the modern Mine phone Wx. Both W3 and W6 are the first hybrid phones while Wx is the first smartphone that extracts up to 2 Eth in a month.
This is not surprising, because due to the decentralization of the cryptocurrency, it has become a very competitive differential for many companies, especially those that operate all over the world, but we need to keep an eye and follow good projects.




The advancement of technology over the decades has been of great benefit to the human race. Smartphones and laptops are currently the trendiest communication electronic devices. Now imagine a mobile phone which is built entirely on blockchain technology.

As we all know, blockchain is the technology that is in the mouths of almost every person due to its numerous benefits which are revolutionizing almost every other industry out there. The communication and trading sectors have not been left behind. Wings Mobile is taking the whole technology to a new level by creating mobile phones devices and laptops which function on blockchain technology.

The advantages that can be realized from such devices is unimaginable, the major one being that you are guaranteed total security among many others.

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