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An Overview of the GISTCOIN Project

By Cryptoflyer | Pflyer blog | 27 Oct 2021

Digital content has now become an important and indivisible part of our lives either audio, video, text and many more. In the past years blockchain has been at the forefront and has seen tremendous explosive growth in all areas.

In recent times, there has been a revolution in the number of original content that is posted online on popular and trending social media platforms which includes instagram, facebook, snapchat youTube and twitter. It is absolutely not come has a surprise that all these platforms mentioned earler has grown to become powerhouses of content. People think out of the box to produce valuable, high-quality content and end up eating the fruits of their labour by getting benefits which these platforms give. The important question is Do they for real? Most of these platform cheat content creators, because they are in charge of all profits generated and content creators really don't have a say.

But, on the contrary nowadays, it seems that there is a digression in real life as Top tier platforms try to without transparency advertise the content created and posted by the initial original creators and earn way big money from it and the profits that has been earned from it are, not shared with the content creators while some may get paid a very paltry percentage which is not fair.

I will be introducing you to a platform that is here to change that and give content creators and users real time access to the profits made and many more benefits.


GISTCOIN aims to be at the fore front of blockchain innovation with their groundbreaking blockchain Peer-To-Peer decentralized ledger system for the gamification and monetization of the very smart and fast developing Social Media Industry.

Gisthouse which the project team is developing is a Audio-based Social Media Platform which has been created in a way that it is monetized and gamified making use of a decentralized token to provide unimaginable solutions to the many problems been faced in the developing Social Media communities. GistCoin has been created to be the official means of exchange in this new Audio Conversation ecosystem. This is going to be huge. The main objectives behind the GistHouse Project and the Gistcoin Token that has been developed

  • They are building a revolutionary Social Media Platform with a blockchain powered peer-to-peer Gistcoin Token as the primary medium of exchange on the platform, in which the Audio Conversation based Social Media Platform will be able recompense Content Creators for creating rooms, maintaining clubs, and impacting users on audio based social media platforms. More so the Platform will also gamify the use of the Audio Social Media platforms by content creators all around the world and users of the platform by offering different token rewards for different breakthrough and lots of actions which users engage in on the platform which includes opening of accounts, inviting users into the platform, and building followers and many more. Users of this audio platform will be able to gain access to premium content by credible content creators with exchangeable tokens, isn't this unbelievable. Lastly on this revolutionary platform content creators can also provide premium content to platform users by charging the convertible Gistcoin tokens for different premium content. all made possible on the platform.
  • Furthermore, with sourcing for funds for the platforms next-generation Audio Drop-In Conversation, with varying degree of improvements on what content consumers at the moment have with Clubhouse, Twitter and so on, the developers of gistcoin are also going to position the token Gistcoin to be the official crypto currency of the social media platforms, and this eill be acheived not just by partnering with content creators on these platforms but also with the owners of this platforms in general.
  • The platform developers also has a goal that will provide opportunities project supporters to access tokens that will provide substantial utility which will be beyond the actual holding and trading activities in the tokens they get for supporting the project. Users will also have access to make use of their tokens as currency to gain access to premium programs and use it to pay for products and services which has been offered by content owners on the GistHouse platform and lots of partners in the social platform.

Gistcoin is a utility token that has been developed for all influencers, streamers, musicians, artists, brands, and content creators from all around the universe, who are capable of creating content across social media communities. Gistcoin is a decentralized token system that makes creators have direct and direct access to their fans and monetization methods. GISTCOIN developers created an electronic cash that can be exchanged for digital contents, products, and services, and traded into fiat currency. And stated below are one of a kind advantages of the gistcoin platform.


Token name: GIST

Token supply: 500,000,000 GIST

Token Pre-sale: 1st of September to 30th September 2021

Token crowdsale: 1st October to 31st October 2021 


1 GIST = 0.00001562 ETH [Approx. $0.05 USD]

1 ETH = ~64,000 GIST

Soft cap: $1,000,000

Accepted currency: ETH, BTC and Wire Transfer

Token Distribution date: 15th November 2021


Total amount designated for bounty/airdrop: 27,750,000 [5.5%] Total amount used for partners and affiliates: 25,000,000 [5.0%]

The total amount of airdrop reserved for GITHOUSE BETA release: 100,000,000 [20%]

Total amount reserved for founders: 85,000,000 [17.00%]

Total amount reserved for GISTHOUSE developers: 12,500,000 [2.50%]

5 stage special rewards for advanced buyers (minimum purchase amount)

Minimum date received by eligible bonus buyers

September (pre-sale) 0.031 Eth/$100 50% 2,000 + 1,000 GIST

October 2021 (Week 1) 0.006 Eth/$20 25% 400 +100 = 500 GIST

October 2021 (Week 2) 0.006 Eth/$20 20% 400 + 80 = 480 GIST

October 2021 (3rd week) 0.006 Eth/$20 15% 400 + 60 = 460 GIST

October 2021 (4th week) 0.006 Eth/420 10% 400 + 40 = 440 GIST


GISTCOIN is actually starting a revolution in rewarding content creators and users and the team has created is a blockchain-based Peer-To-Peer decentralized ledger system for the gamification and monetization of the continuous evolving Social Media Industry. The creation of an advanced Audio-based Social Media Platform with an inbuilt Creators and Users Compensation program and which has been created to tackle most of the problems connected with existing Audio based social media platforms in the fast exploding Audio Conversation media industry. GistCoin gives room for fans and followers to be a integral part of the social media community by having a piece of the social economy and gives them the room to grow together with their favorite content creators. By getting holding, and making transactions with the utility coins, fans and consumers show their loyalty and support to creators and get exclusive access and premium benefits the creator offers. GistCoin use is also not restricted to followers to creator. Platform Users can also interact, and also engage, and reward one another with user-to-user or follower-to-follower transactions.


  • Idea Generation: APRIL 2021
  • Concept Development: MAY/JUNE 2021
  • Crowdsale Whitepaper Publication: SEPT 1ST, 2021
  • GISTCOIN Wallet: September 15th, 2021
  • Release of MVP Mockup – October 1st, 2021 Page12
  • Crowdsale: 1st – 31 st OCT 2021
  • Gisthouse Public Beta Testing Starts: OCT 15th, 2021
  • Rollout Of Gisthouse Creator Rewards Program – Dec 1st, 2021
  • Listing of Gistcoin on Crypto Exchanges [At Least 3]– DEC 1 ST , 2022
  • Launching of Gistcoin Trading Platform [ JAN 1 st , 2022
  • Gistcoin Acceptance Partner Expansion Campaign: Jan – Dec 2022
  • Official Launching GistHouse Audio Drop-In Social Media Platform after Beta Testing – JUNE 1ST, 2022 

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Author: Fifunmi

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