Was Dali really that good?

By Gideon6ix | Personal Thoughts | 19 May 2021

    I like the fact that his paintings are like dreams and open to each individual’s interpretation. He is also appealing as an individual. He was deeply interested in psychoanalysis which is reflected greatly in his paintings. He also never took himself too seriously and let other people think what they wanted. He was known for being eccentric and not afraid to make his opinions known. I have chosen three paintings of his which I will discuss below following a brief biography. They are: Persistence of Memory, The Face of War, and Apparition of a Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach. Each of these paintings clearly exhibit his unique style as an artist. His success made him the most famous surrealist painter ever.

    Salvador Dali was born in Spain on May 11, 1904.His first public exhibition was in 1919. He married a woman named Gala 1934. His father strongly disapproved of this, as he disapproved of many things Dali did. He was first known for his work in Cubism, however became greatly interested and proficient in surrealism while attending school. Dali published his autobiography, “The Secret Life of Salvador Dali in 1942. Then sadly, in 1989, Dali passed away due to heart failure.  

    Salvador Dali’s painting, The Persistence of Memory, 1931, oil on canvas, 9 1/2 x 13" / 24.1 x 33 cm (The Museum of Modern Art), was perhaps his most famous, or at least most recognized work of art. This painting featured a series of melting clocks set against a soft, shaded background that lit up and became clearer. His use of light in this painting makes it seem as the viewer’s eyes draw down from the horizon, things become softer and harder to recognize. The edges become softer and darker, making them seem like objects are fading. The clocks melting indicate a type of decay that cannot be stopped. The only clock not in decay, is an orange pocket watch, which is seemingly under attack from the ants. Many theories can be drawn from this. Mine is that the ants are society wishing to destroy anything new and different.

    Salvador Dali’s painting, The Face of War- 1940; oil on canvas 100 cm × 79 cm (25.2 in × 31.1 in) (The Museum of Modern Art), is another fine example of using symbols to indicate a message or emotion. The painting shoes a disembodied face hovering against a barren desert landscape. Inside the orifices of the face are many more face. Together they seem to cry out in agony in despair; protesting their own fates. In this painting Dali was expressing his feeling toward the Spanish Civil War. I think that the representation of the main face is the war itself, and the faces inside are the victims of both sides warning us that after death, we all agonize for life.

    The last painting of Salvador Dali to discuss is Apparition of a Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach 1938; oil on canvas 114.8 cm × 143.8 cm (45.2 in × 56.6 in) (The Museum of Modern Art). This painting resembles a dream more closely than the others. Every object in the painting seems to transcend into or from something else. For instance, the face in the shape of a wine glass could be a face turning into a wine glass, or a wine glass becoming a face. The use of the word apparition in the title is appropriate because everything in this painting looks like it is from another state of reality. Put together, these images could be fragments of dreams pieced together in a beautiful, transcendent manner.

    Dali’s use of symbols and personal attitude are greatly reflected in all of his paintings. Anyone looking at his work can use their mind to envision themselves in his painting wondering how they could interact with the surroundings, which I find fascinating. He is commonly thought of as the greatest surrealist painter to ever live, and I agree.

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