Are Lucid Dreams Actually Controllable?

I had a lucid dream last night where my dream self acted in questionable ways.  This got me thinking about whether lucid dreams are actually controllable, or whether they're just dreams where knowledge that you're dreaming is just part of the dream plot, but is nonetheless, still a typical, uncontrollable dream.

If I found out this minute that my actions for the rest of the day had no consequences, would I act the way that I acted last night in my lucid dream? Would I have the same desires and goals?

I imagine that I would just go to Dunkin', eat 20 donuts, hit on hot strangers, and pay a ton of money for front row tickets to whatever concert or game happens to be on that day. I can't imagine even remotely desiring what I did in last night's lucid dream. 

 But who knows? Maybe the idea of no consequences and the reality of no consequences change our desires and goals completely. 

Or, maybe, like I said, lucid dreams are just uncontrollable dreams where thinking that we're lucid is just part of the plot. 

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