Portfolio Recap - Wednesday - 2.12.2020

Portfolio Recap - Wednesday - 2.12.2020

I finally got that chunk of cash I was talking about yesterday in the recap. But where did it come from exactly? Keep reading to find out. Also, be on the lookout with Tezos. It's been such a rollercoaster. 

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So yesterday I sold off UTG and it was then reinvested into my portfolio. This wasn't the plan for that money BUT it did help get my portfolio to being in balance. Today I put in a sell order to sell all my overweight shares of GAIN. This was roughly $1370 so now I am able to send that cash to my credit union, which was the original plan. From here on, this portfolio will be funded by dividends until I get inspired to pump more money here again.




We saw an increase in value within the Bumped portfolio today. No new rewards fell in but all the stocks within the portfolio performed well so the portfolio grew a bit!



That USDC portion in BlockFi is starting to grow. It'll be snowballing in no time! I will probably need to get more aggressive with the funding if I want to see extreme growth. 


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Personal Finance and Investing

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