Portfolio Recap - Friday - 2.14.2020
Portfolio Recap - Friday - 2.14.2020

Happy Valentine's Day! 🧡 I apologise that I was not able to get a post out yesterday but Publish0x was giving me issues on mobile. Sadly, I use mobile far more than a laptop so it didn't make sense for me to bust out the laptop quite yet. It's tucked away in my upstairs office and hasn't been used in a while. 

M1 Finance

After the great success of Iron Mountain yesterday, we didn't have much of a follow up performance today. The little 5% boost yesterday was much needed but you can see we tumbled back down a bit today to finish the week. 



Worthy Bonds

Hey! A bond earned from a referral bonus fell into the account and that puts us at 241 bonds. We should have another one fall in tomorrow or Sunday and that will likely put us where we need to be to be earning $10 in interest each month!



We had a large Sam's Club trip on Wednesday and even got fuel there. This helped us get some juicy Walmart stock rewards to help grow the portfolio even more. A lot of people don't like Walmart and their practices but I cannot say no to free stock and great prices of bulk product. 



Took a screenshot right as we broke $400 in value. The interest is starting to build decently but it isn't near what Worthy is yet. But you can see the USDC holding is starting to grow. I'd like to have it be the size of Worthy someday, but we will give it time to build that big! Rome wasn't built in a day!



I like personal finance. 🤑 Looking to build and preserve wealth? 💰 Let's talk about it! 🗣️ #YouAreWorthy 🥚 #EarnWithWorthy 🥚 #WorthyAmbassador 🥚

Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

I really enjoy talking about personal finance. I like to share my insights with others' as well as learning from others. I also like to share my financial and investing journey with other people.

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