Portfolio Purchases - Tuesday - 1.7.2020

Today was a good day because I had a $20 referral bonus fall into my M1 Finance account. Usually, the bonus is worth $10, but M1 is doing a $20 bonus for the month of January to help us start off 2020 with a bang! It's very rare that I get any referral bonuses so seeing it fall into my account made for a good morning! Anyhow, the bonus was deposited this morning and this left me enough time to have it auto-purchase into my M1 portfolio. Below are the screenshots of the respective purchases I made. Again, no full shares of stocks, just fractionals.

So, it was $20 split between $IRM, $CAT, and $NSC. All of these are some of my favorite stocks, so I can't complain that my free referral went toward these.











(If you're interested in M1 Finance and want a $20 referral bonus as well you can use my referral link! By using this link you can see how my portfolio is set up and how I am investing my money, as well! https://m1.finance/DZKrRfVig )

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Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

I really enjoy talking about personal finance. I like to share my insights with others' as well as learning from others. I also like to share my financial and investing journey with other people.

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