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By rac19 | PERFECT COMBINATION | 19 May 2022

TANK HEAL is one of the most beneficial ability that even if the monster doesn't have any attack you would still want them to your team. Because our tank is one of the most important in the line up, we want them to stay there as long as they can.

Another ability that makes a lot of difference on the game is the REPAIR. It is almost the same with heal but instead of health it restores some armor to the friendly Monster whose armor has taken the most damage.

But as much as players want the benefits of these 2 abilities we cannot afford sometimes to put them both because we also need attackers to win the game. We cannot be all defensive, WE NEED TO ATTACK TO KILL THEM AND WIN THE GAME.

So it feels so amazing to have the MERDAALI GUARDIAN in the latest card edition - CHAOS LEGION.


It is a Rare Water card that got TANK HEAL at the lowest bcx. And at level 5 gets REPAIR and when you max it out at lvl 8 it gets STRENGTHEN which is a very beneficial ability as well.


And it being in Water team, it paired up perfectly with the Chaos Summoner Kelya Frendul that gives all it's monster an armour.

Another advantage of MERDAALI GUARDIAN is that it only cost 3 mana which means you can easily fit it in almost any battle including LITTLE LEAGUE ruleset.

Let see some battle that shows how powerful the combination of TANK HEAL and REPAIR (link below)


In this battle, I only got 3 attack points and my opponent got 9 attack points including 2 opportunity monsters, *which are very dangerous and deadly* specially on small mana fights.


But because of the armour provided by Kelya and the Crustacean King I was able to protect my monsters from being killed by their opportunity monsters. Their attacks fall on the armour and weren't able to get any from my monster's health.


The next round I was able to kill 2 of their monsters while mine kept intact. With the armour being repaired, it got 1 extra shot from the opponent with the health NOT being touched again.

In the next round, my tank lost it's armour and got hit but because of the tank heal it was kept alive for another round and was able to eat up the scavenged health of Ant Miner.


And even after I lost my tank and left with just 1 monster with 1 attack against his team with 7 attack points, with the perfect combination of tank heal that heals the Merdaali Guradian as my new tank and the repair of the armour of the Crustacean King I was able to get the win.


The power of healing, not only on the health but also with the armour is very vital in this game. With these abilities you are giving your team additional round to be able to attack and win the battle.

This kind of gameplay is what makes Splinterlands more exciting. You will not experience this on low league like novice or bronze. So if you want to see more exciting battle LEVEL UP YOUR DECK! AND BE AMAZED ON THOSE ABILITIES THAT YOUR MONSTER HAS :)

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