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Human Electromagnetic TRANSITION - PEOPLE'S PLAN OF ACTION: Update - Orientation 1


IRUUR1 is positioning us for transitioning, according to our nature. Transitions are a part of all life but at times they converge. Such a time is now.

Human Electromagnetic Health Interconnection

Human electromagnetic health is an important aspect to transitioning and especially at this time. The covid pan, or plandemic, has brought a body of research and field results in immunology, virology, microbiology and epidemiology to the forefront, with respect to electromagnetic strength and physical health in the body. See Peoples World Council. Human electromagnetic

At the same time there is increasing understanding of the similarities in modern science to ancient approaches regarding electromagnetic health, that can be correlated and applied together. The electromagnetic spectrum can now be seen and it's strength can be measured, medically.  Ayurvedic medicine, applied human electromagnetic health , linked to teachings on chakras. These electromagnetic effects can now be  measured.

Authors such as this are examining fresh perspective on the subject of the science of the electromagnetic spectrum, and plasma cosmology, essential at this time.

*Human Electromagnetic Field (Aura) – Know Thyself Advisor

Understanding what the human electromagnetic field or aura is and how to maintain it is crucial. Our health and empowerment rely on a basic knowledge of the human electromagnetic field and chakra system. Many have realised that they have lost their sovereignty. They have given their power away to others. There is now a huge motivation to correct this imbalance.Human electromagnetic

The human electromagnetic field is that part of the universal energy field that is associated with the human body. It interpenetrates the human physical body. Each successive layer emits a finer and higher frequency of vibration than the previous body that it surrounds and interpenetrates.


As we have been reporting and this article illustrates, energy vortexes, form within the electromagnetic light spectrum throughout the universe. Our five senses register store, and transmit within a narrow range of the light spectrum in our electromagnetic world,

Energy vortexes in the light spectrum forming in the body are traditionally called chakras. They cannot be controlled or altered by the limited parameters of the mind or find conclusive for proof in the realm of the 5 senses alone. But can be understood, and optimized within the mind's important but limited spectrum analysis ability.  The mind affects the entire spectrum of human electromagnetic health.

This article explains great teachings which codify that which is beyond the mind, into a lexicon useful to the minds requirements of identity for our species. The mind naturally functions as a mechanical aid to predict, influence and adapt to energy flow in nature then form useful temporary strategies. It is not the enemy nor the commander of greater sovereignty in nature, Being or Creation. It is the Servant.

Chakras and The Human Electromagnetic Field

Each chakra or vortex is associated with a ‘layer’ or body of the human electromagnetic field. The first body which is the etheric (ie physical and etheric body) is associated with the first or root chakra. The second body is the emotional body (which contains all preceding bodies) is associated with the second or sacral chakra and so on. There are 7 chakras associated directly with the physical body. The location of the seven chakras correspond to the major nerve plexuses of the physical body in the area where the chakra resides. They also correspond to the major endocrine glands.


Wherever we focus we draw a huge amount of energy to that area.

IRUUR1 would like to see considerable vaccine research money from taxpayers be eliminated from pharma and a portion used begin to compile data on  optimizing electromagnetic health for the individual. We have never studied vaccines to see the effects on electromagnetic energy health in the ody, relative to diet, acupuncture, and ayurvedic medicine , etc.

Individual Chakras in the AuraHuman electromagnetic

  1. The first layer of the field and the first chakra are associated with physical functioning and physical sensation. For example, physical pain and pleasure. It is also associated with automatic and autonomic functioning of the body;
  2. The second layer and second chakra are in general associated with the emotional aspect of human beings. They are the vehicles through which we have our emotional life and feelings;
  3. The third layer is associated with our mental life, that is with linear thinking. The third chakra is therefore associated with linear thinking;
  4. The fourth level is associated with the heart chakra and is the vehicle through which we love. This is not only our partners, but also humanity in general. The fourth chakra is the chakra that metabolizes the energy of love and is a “mixing station”. It blends the more physical experiences with “higher” experiences and faculties;
  5. The fifth level is the level associated with a higher will more connected with divine will. The fifth chakra is associated with the power of the word, speaking things into being, listening and taking responsibility for our actions;
  6. The sixth level and sixth chakra are associated with celestial love. It is a love that extends beyond the human range of love and encompasses all life. It holds all forms as precious manifestations of All There Is;
  7. The seventh layer and seventh chakra are associated with the higher mind, knowing and integrating our spiritual and physical lives.

ALL Disease is Related to a Dysfunctional Human Electromagnetic Field

Each vortex or chakra exchanges energy with the Universal Energy Field. All vortices including smaller chakras and even acupuncture points are openings for energy to flow into and out of the aura. When we remain ‘open’ in attitude we are quite literally opening up our vortices to universal energies. Since....


*Human Electromagnetic Field (Aura) – Know Thyself Advisor

Human Electromagnetic News is the most important news for individuals today. We as a species are about to embark on a transitional event occurring cyclically approximately every 12,000 years. It is likely to occur in our lifetime. In this cycle, archaeological, and astrophysical evidence concludes that the earths magnetic field weakens. 

[caption id="attachment_7475" align="alignleft" width="429"] NEW RESEARCH ON FOUNDATIONAL SCIENCE[/caption]

Our species is an intrinsic product of the electromagnetic light spectrum. Our personal electromagnetic field and it’s quality, is qualified within us, interconnects between us, the planet, the sun, galaxy and universe.


The current transitional cycle began to affect the planet in the 1850’s at a time of great social and technological change, necessary for our transition. We now have modern science and ancient teaching colliding in the spectrum of understanding.

Our ability to use the People's knowledge, from many disciplines, to increase the electromagnetic health of ourselves, is crucial. We can augment to some degree, commensurate with our understanding and application, the weakening of the electromagnetic field of earth with a strengthening of ourselves and the environment around us. This preparation will effect the way we affect the planet.

We do not know the cumulative affect of electromagnetic symmetry or concerted action as we apply it individually and in enterprise, to strengthen our electromagnetic health, whether personally or technologically. But the actions we take will irrefutably help us adapt to the immanent solar disruption, evident in the recurring cycle, which always triggers the polar shift. A form of humanity always survives and preserves a portion of it's knowledge. How we do this is our key to holding order.

Earths Magnetic Pole Shift Began In 1859 

This Shift Is Accelerating

Earths Magnetic Field Could Flip In Our Lifetime – Within 60 yrs

This pole reversal is cyclic. It is also often a very sudden event. If it flipped today it would be no where near the record for fastest magnetic field reversal in a cycle. Be prepared. No Fear.

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