Ripple (XRP) and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - Part 2

By paulofranca | paulofranca | 27 Apr 2021

Continuing the topic covered in the first post of this series between Ripple (XRP) and the SEC, there was an attempt on the part of the SEC to obtain the bank statements of Ripple's CEOs, in a very detailed way, with the intention perhaps to use them as evidence in American justice.

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Among the accusations of the advocacy of Ripple executives, that the SEC tries to obtain such statements following a search line that exceeds the limits imposed by the Rules of Procedure and the Hague Convention.


Everything indicates that next April 30, a collective conference is scheduled with the lawyers of Ripple to address the accusations and actions of the SEC against the company.


Good week to all, good deals, and even more news.

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