Magaluf-Mallorca: Having fun day and night!

By PVM | World Wide ... World Wild | 11 Aug 2020

As the restrictions are being lifted, maybe before a second wave of Covid-19 and a second lockdown, many are opting for quick holidays in places where they can have fun. One of this destinations will certainly be Magaluf, the most lively resort in Mallorca, packed with bars and nightclubs, the favourite destination for party-people and youngsters. However, is plenty more to do and see in Magaluf, such as the Katmandu Park, BH pools, water park and slides, Marineland and the Pirates show.

BH Mallorca (Av. Palmeres, 12, 07181 Magaluf)

This is the place to relax by the pool, enjoy pool parties, jacuzzi and the world's first adult water park with many slides. Everything is happening inside the "inner sanctum", as all around the attractions are hotel rooms. Not the best place to seek accommodation if you prefer a good night sleep, as the party can go on and on until morning.62ed43b6d42954a65f03046e5b34b661144c0a0d126b1bef026e7fd06c054c11.jpeg


Katmandu Park (Avenida Pere Vaquer Ramis 9, 07181 Magaluf)

The best offer you can get is the daily ticket, which offers unlimited entries at all the attractions for 24 hours. The mini-golf offers two courses, worlds of fire or ice, including cascades, erupting volcano. The best option to test your skills and have fun with your friends. The splash park is every's kid dream, with water slides, spash zone, climbing adventures, etc. The 4D experiences range is for all ages, the horror ones offering adrenaline boost for thrill seekers. The House is an unique mix of  experiences, illusions and fun. You start in the upside-down house, than through an icy mirror maze, the spinning colours tunnel and enchanted forests.3653b57867888371fcec6a0b0e6cd9b46a01239ca205714430a923d7b5fa5f6a.jpeg


Boat tours and trips & water sports

At the sea side, you must book a boat tour and enjoy the views. Cheap water sports for all ages, which can be booked in advance. I went on the front seat of the banana, and paid few extra euros for pictures and videos of the ride.b929af30096b2c1790048bb7571ae53943e95b350dc7b3e7a37b72c44524414d.jpeg


Marineland (Garcilaso de la Vega, 9)

The easiest way to go to MarineLand is by bus, with the bus stop in front of the entrance. Dolphins and sea lions shows are happening every two hours. The entertainment is provided by the performing dolphins, sealions and parrots. There is also a penguin pool, a reptile house and a large collection of sharks and tropical fish, plus flamingos, monkeys and an impressive aviary. f74eddca2f73a200d48378786c8b3ee295e63ca0d39e8c89c481e991ce56a8fe.jpeg

Pirates Adventure (Cami Sa Porrassa 12, 07181 Magaluf)

WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!!! World class acrobatic performance and unlimited jugs of beer and sangria. Once your jug is empty, raise your hand while holding the empty jar, and a full one will come at the table. This show was voted the island's number one for over 30 years. The show duration is about 3 hours.03c754222824f2d54d435eb420b580b6b758f1abe3ff72112cdca843e71c3f48.jpeg

ac3eca4beaf9040e0e5d5e4e32f2a0737647cea31c6a20d162ada90d48332494.jpegHope this will help and add a bit of adventure to the sun tan for those brave enough to start travelling. If not, add Magaluf to your bucket-list and plan everything for a less infectious 2021.


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