Béziers - The hidden jewel of Southern France

By PVM | World Wide ... World Wild | 20 Jul 2020

If until now I shared my travel experiences in top destinations such as Mallorca, Moscow, Barcelona or Paris, today's post will be about a beautiful destination by the seaside, which you will never find on the front page of Travel magazines, but can easily rival with the hot spots.e75f84907ff98b2d7780dd7f12e418e6ffd6fd1fec1b68566cb5f3a5140fca46.jpegBeziers is a hidden jewel on the Mediterranean coast. The town is one of the oldest cities in France, dating from 575 BC. It has Celtic, Roman and Spanish influences, being famous for wine and food. Béziers is in the middle of France’s oldest and largest wine region, the perfect opportunity to  fill a holiday with wine experiences.

The airport is really small, with only few flights per day. The airport is linked to the town by bus, every hour. 78200303326997006f03bbacaccad517b8344da67c53e53610654fc4a66e0d93.jpegThis was a "sit on the sunbed, eat and drink" holiday, so I didn't want to visit too many things, let's say it was a gastronomical holiday, to make it sound posh.2c63d89ef5638801976c85121cc2a80a1d8a1d58336a9d1c56b5212960a46778.jpegThe seaside is minutes away, with two of the best beaches in the entire region, Portiragnes and Sérignan, side by side. Both beaches have plenty of facilities including car parks within a few metres of the sand. Around the seafront was clean, with lengthy and broad strips of fine sand, and with blue, crystal clear water. Many coffee shops and restaurants on the promenade, where tourists can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, however, you will never have to walk too far to escape the crowds, and get some privacy while you watch the waves crushing on the shore.8e7dc9b7810071d84e2412cef0fbc3d0774e66c98b715622172de7eb4a7d4c84.jpegWine experience is a must have. There are four Vin de Pays areas in the vicinity: Pays des coteaux du Libron, Pays d’Oc, Côtes de Thongue and Terrasses de Béziers. You can book a day on the winery, with tasty snacks and wine tasting, which will end up at the cellars, where you can buy whatever you liked during the tasting. You can also try local bars at the bars and restaurants.

The food was divine, fine dining experiences with fish and seafood dishes. Compared to European Capitals, eating at the restaurant in Beziers costs the same as eating a kebab in Istanbul or a coffee and croissant near the Eiffel Tower. If I think about it, Beziers was the only place where we went out to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.5ba65f57f124c8d95133169f6929ad4f1cc464a439cb8b1951503255409f416a.jpegIf you really fancy visiting some landmarks, you can check the Saint-Nazaire Cathedral, in the high part of the town, with a remarkable Gothic architecture. From up there you can enjoy amazing views and even go up the bell tower.

The Old Bridge (Pont Vieux) is closed to traffic, so pedestrians can walk across the bridge slowly and admire the Orb river. The asymmetrical Romanesque arches are part of the city-scape. On both ends, tourists can have picnics and relax.  The Pont-canal de l'Orb is an impressive aqueduct, where tourists can enjoy boat rides.


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