Get Free Tezos Weekly From The Tezos Foundation!

Get Free Tezos Weekly From The Tezos Foundation!

By Wantandable | PassiveIncome | 6 May 2020

Welcome back PassiveIncome readers! Today's post is going to be short and sweet. Passive Income is all about money for nothing, and while this source of free crypto isn't fully passive it does take almost no time or effort!

As you know most popular cryptocurrencies have some kind of not-for-profit foundation that used donated funds to push the adoption of their respective currencies. The Tezos Foundation counts itself among these and works to promote adoption of Tezos through as many avenues as it can. Sometimes this takes the form of providing grants to developers for working on Tezos, but in this case it is giving away a tiny bit of Tezos to people to spread the currency as far and wide as possible.

The only thing required to receive your weekly dose of Tezos is a wallet address and a phone number. If you're not already involved in the Tezos ecosystem you can use Coinbase as a wallet, super simply if you already have an account there. There is also ZenGo a popular Tezos wallet for IOS and Android, or Galleon a popular software wallet for the computer.

Once you have a wallet address merely pay a visit to the Tezos Faucet and input your address there. Once you do so you can input your phone number and they will send you a text to confirm you're a real individual by providing you a unique code. You input that code on the website and you're good to go! You will receive your Tezos within minutes. And you can go on your merry way. Unfortunately you can only claim to your address/phone number/IP Address once a week so you won't be getting rich off the Tezos Foundation's dime. But if you had multiple of all of these available I suppose you could get an extra claim in here or there...

Tezos also happens to be a great currency for those seeking passive income. You can accumulate Tezos and "stake" it, and gain yourself what is essentially interest on your investment. If you want to learn more and get an actual explanation of the mechanics of how to use your Tezos to earn more, you can read here.

Someday soon you may see an article from me on the subject! But for now I wanted to get the information out to my readers about another opportunity for free crypto! Stay tuned.

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