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WebDollar, the Only Truly Passive Income

By Ex3lausion | Passivegrowth | 24 Sep 2020

Before I start, I want to make clear that I am not a certified financial advisor and am solely describing a platform I personally like to use.

The internet is filled with articles and videos that preach the idea of passive income. The idea of earning income without putting in work is truly alluring to just about everybody. Yet when you start reading all of these articles and watching the videos, you quickly realize passive income usually involves a lot of work upfront. They give ideas like, writing a book, creating a blog, going viral on YouTube, or creating an online educational course. 

When I think of passive income, I don't think of spending hours upon hours of work, to hopefully take off and pay me back for the time lost. Due to this I've pretty much ruled out ever becoming a best selling author, or any of you wanting to watch me talk at you with videos. So I had settled on investing in stocks that paid out dividends. Don't get me wrong, this strategy works and is recommended by a plethora of people with much more investment training than myself.

Yet I always wondered and searched to see if there was a truly passive income opportunity out there. If it really could be as easy as sitting back and watching my money grow. I searched and I searched and I slowly began to dabble into Crypto Investments. I read article after article and watched countless videos, all claiming to be the easiest and best way to grow financial wealth and stability. Yet none of it satisfied my search of a truly passive income. None of it until I found WebDollar.

WebDollar isn't new, but it is new to me and I feel like it is strongly undervalued and under represented. In fact, when I searched for it on this platform, I found zero articles about it. WebDollar does things a little different than the rest of the crypto world and I believe it is the only truly passive income.

All you have to do to earn money is go to their site. Yup, that's it. It is truly that simple. As soon as you click the link, it automatically creates a wallet for you and you begin to mine. This currency is a hybrid coin that is 10% Proof of Work (POW) and 90% Proof of Stake (POS). Due to this hybrid platform, you can literally earn WebDollars by simply leaving your browser open.

It won't be a get rich quick method like we all hope for, however you can start investing with absolutely nothing. Once you have earned 100 WebDollars, you can begin to participate in the POS portion of the mining and you can watch your money grow faster. 

Now if you want to have your money grow faster, you can purchase WebDollar on different platforms and exchanges. They have a link on their website explaining where all you can purchase WebDollar. The more you have in your wallet, the faster it will grow. Right now, they are advertising approximately 35% return on your investment. That is huge, especially since you can start with nothing at all.

Currently WebD is priced at $0.00008. This makes it easier to invest in bulk and watch it grow faster. With a broader audience and more miners, the value will continue to increase. Similar to Bitcoin, the amount possible is limited and the mining is yet to half. So it is better to get in before that occurs.

WebDollar is already accepted worldwide and has an active global mining community. They also have an active Telegram group that is always willing to help new members and explain the process. 

At the time of this article, they are also offering an airdrop of 1500 WebDollars for free. It typically takes about 3 days to get your reward, but it is a very simple process. Plus that would automatically make you eligible for the POS portion of the mining.

If there is any interest in this, I would be more than happy to write more articles and answer your questions in the comments. There is also the ability to mine WebDollar with a terminal so that you don't have to keep your browser going.

I have written a more in depth article about WebDollar here.

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