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By Ex3lausion | Passivegrowth | 13 Oct 2020

In this article, I will be going into more detail about WebDollar. For those of you that read my other article, I briefly spoke about how WebDollar is the only true passive income. I have been mining WebDollar ever since and have watched my wallet grow as I sit back and do nothing, if only my other bank accounts could do that.

So for this article I will walk through the simple steps that it takes to begin mining. The first and only step truly required, is to go online and go to It really is that simple.


As soon as you go to the website, you will begin to mine through your browser. No fancy mining rigs or software needed. You don't even need to download a 3rd party wallet. Once the webpage is open, it creates a unique wallet for you.


It is important to remember to save this wallet. You can save your wallet to your computer, a flashdrive, online server, or even write down the information. You want this saved in case you switch browsers, computers, mobile, or if you clear your browser cache. If you have your wallet stored, then you can import your wallet and continue to mine on whatever platform you prefer. I personally mine using an Ubuntu terminal due to my computer being older and even leaving the browser going causes it to run hot. Just like other wallets, you will have a public address and private address and it is important not to share your private address and key. Opening your wallet in the browser also gives you the option to request funds, or to send funds with a minimal fee (much less than the current ETH gas fees out there). 

While you have the browser open, you will notice at the bottom it will either show POW or POS session. This is due to the unique nature of WebDollar. Initially WebDollar was mined through 100% proof of work. Then due to the community requests WebDollar became a hybrid coin and was mined 66.66% POW and 33.33% POS. This made it easier to mine and took less energy and computing power for the average miner. The community spoke up again and now the coin is mined with 90% POS and 10% POW. This hybrid method is why I argued that WebDollar is truly a passive income source. You can start with nothing and earn WebDollars during the POW session as I did and once you get more than 100 WebDollar, you can participate in the POS portion as well and watch your money grow even faster.

While on the homepage, you will see different options for mining pools. You can select whichever pool you prefer and experiment to see what you earn the most on. They have pools from different regions of the world like Europe, Asia, and the United States. I personally mine in the US Pool, and have seen returns of approximately 24%. Others have reported earnings of up to 35% interest. The advantage of this system is that with each block mined and WebDollar received, your investment compounds and grows at a faster rate.


Webdollar also has a much faster transaction time that I've noticed. Where other currencies and wallets may take hours for a transaction due to being bogged down on the Etherium network and high fees, WebDollar transactions are often completed in a matter of minutes. 

WebDollar is also active on all social networks and has a global community. They have an active Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Reddit and Telegram. WebDollar, like most smaller currencies, rely on the community to help with the growth of the project. One way they do this is by offering a bounty program. You can earn WebDollars by making YouTube videos or Twitter posts. 


I like to frequent the WebDollar Telegram group to help participate in the decision making and developing of ideas for growth. They also have a TipBot that allows users to send you WebDollar through Telegram if you sync it with your wallet. If you decide you don't want to keep a browser running or create a terminal, you can also use the TipBot to stake for you. The TipBot does earn you less interest, averaging 18% and paying out rewards daily. You also need 2000 WebDollar in order to stake through the TipBot and only 100 WebDollar to stake through the website. 

At the time of this article there is still an active airdrop to receive 1500 WebDollars free. That is more than enough to make you eligible to stake WebDollar. They also have community members on Telegram that will send you WebDollar for completing tasks. Some offer rewards for creating TikToks or Twitter posts or even just graphics that can be used on social media platforms. Another member is actually working on developing a faucet to reward active members in the group. Others will send you WebDollar just for being active in the group and helping people if they have questions. An advantage of the global community is that there is pretty much always someone available to help if you have questions. 

WebDollar was also just listed on a new exchange and is in the process to be accepted by more exchanges. Currently WebDollar can be bought on p2pb2b, Bitrabbit, VinDAX, and


Remember, all it takes is a simple click and you begin to grow your passive income: WebDollar


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