State of the mint– NEWS from the most undervalued NFT market –interview with the collector Robvector

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First thing in the morning when I switch on my workstation is not checking all the crypto prices. I bookmarked @nftshowroom so I can open it up with one click.
I check the notifications. Today there was a 4 next to the bell.
My heart started racing and I was already planning how many new pieces I can mint. (newest collection is called glitch perfect check it out on my
I sold four NFTs while sleeping!
I am not complaining but unfortunately it was from the cheapest collection (the name of the collection is actually the cheapest collection)

It was this fantastic NFT that is also part of the giveaway that has been going on my
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As you can see the price is really low! So you can secure yourself one piece of Hive history. This whole movement started with @st8z issuing the BST #bullshit token. He encouraged fellow writers to tell their stories of their shitcoin experiences. I got really excited and had a lot of time that day so I sat down and edited this beautiful homage to the whitepaper that is linked here: #bullshit

Each of these tokens is backed by this fantastic project and I will personally transfer one BST to everyone who wins or buys this NFT. I will give away 3 of them depending on total engagement so share it with your friends. Evryone should win an NFT. Giveaway closes when payout occured.

attention! all NFT that are not sold or won will be burnt edition 1 will be still on the market but I might have to adjust prices!

One of my buyers was @robvector and I just saw that he re listed edition 13 for 13666 swap.hive.
I hope he sells it! Royalties would be very nice :) Also @ekilo re listed the BST for 50 swap.hive


I wrote @robvector last week if he would be willing to say a few words about his collection.


- when did you start to collect NFTs?

Only Recently, and only here on NFT Showroom. I was unsure about the whole idea until I started browsing and had my inner collector awakened…now I can’t seem to stop.

- what was your best purchase

hmmmn….I don’t know about “best” but I feel I’ve really gotten a good deal on a single edition, “Strange World.” by @fieryfootprints for example. This artist’s works just don’t seem to translate well into a thumbnail/preview, and I think once more people actually click on it and see this amazing work they’re going buy up the rest of their stuff in a flash.

- are you keepig some NFT for yourself or are you reselling them?

I am technically reselling everything because my goal here is to cultivate more economic activity on the platform, though there are some that I’ve priced very high because I don’t actually want them to sell, but at the same time I want the world to see how much they are worth to me. An example of one of these is “my heartbeat” by @medinesaan

“Tenderness” by @pollyfoxxy is another one like this and actually, as I’m reviewing it, I don’t think I’ve priced it high enough. I’m in love with this beautiful, soulful Celtic maiden and want so badly to hear what she’s thinking. There were 3 editions of this and I’m sorry to the artist, but I burned 2 because I don’t want anyone else to have her unless they feel the way I do about her.

- What captures your eye when buying NFT?

Different things. I’m traditionally a really big fan of bright colours and psychedelia, but I’m regularly surprised at some of the pieces that are catching my eye. Lately I’ve really been enjoying glitch art from people like @freakjesus ; something about this is just so compelling to me and I can stare at this artist’s work for quite some time. I like that it is distinctly digital and perfectly suited for this medium, at this moment in time.

Also anything that impacts me on an emotional level beyond aesthetics is something I want to take a deeper look at. For example “Our Ways Are Fading” by @lacking is one that just jumps off the screen at me to make a very intimate connection. I’ve always been fascinated by the Arctic, especially the people of Nunavut and Greenland, so I was immediately drawn to this one, and then as the meaning behind the visuals really started to sink in, I found myself unable to look away.

###- who is your favorite hive artist?

Oh man, there is such a wealth of talented artists on Hive, I don’t think I could choose a single favorite, but I’ll shout out a few that I keep coming back to.

I love @doodle.danga for the fun and wild imagination. I can tell this artist has zero restrictions on their creativity and the result is just wonderful bizarre otherworldly joy.

@mog-kis is one that is a surprising favorite, like I described in another question. This artist’s work is not what I would have expected to fit with my taste, but one after the other, I just love everything this person is producing. They are very talented at creating scenes that I just want to live inside of for an hour, or portraits that capture some mystery I want to unravel.

I adore the work of @glogurl very much. Not only are the subjects of her portraits very endearing and alive, but this “scribble” technique she is using very unique and quite fabulous.

@tonalspace is creating these dark, dripping, digital pieces that I think are fantastic and perfectly blending the physical world with the digital world.

@tymmesyde is producing these 3D sculptures that I think are great. I love how crisp they are and think they are just wonderful to look at.

Along that same line @inhaledelium has some really great stuff, and I was actually a bit sad when someone bought “Cosmic Intense” off me.

additional shoutouts to @alexkopareiko @limn @andrianna @elenasteem @aleister @konnstantinc
So sorry if I’m leaving anyone out!

- who is your favorite non hive artist?

Paul Laffoley. We used to live in the same city and I was lucky enough to get to hang out with him a few times, which are memories I truly cherish. He was a master of his craft and WAY over my head intellectually, but was super accessible and loved to chat. He had a great sense of humor about his work and you could see the pride and joy in his eyes when he’d talk about it. I’ve never seen anything else like it; the man was a visionary.

- Do you see NFT as a good investment?

It depends on your intentions, I think. I admit that I’m mostly on the lookout for stuff that I think is undervalued and can be resold, but it is very important that I like the work; price is far from everything. I read a comment exchange in the NFT Showroom general chat from a few months (I think) before I joined, in which one artist was lamenting that others posting their work for cheap prices was bringing down the value of everything else on the platform, but another artist chimed in and said they live in a country where $5-$10 is a useful amount of money and they’d rather have that amount today than wait months to collect what the art is worth. I agree with both sides of that exchange, so I decided it’d be a win-win for someone like me with a bit of spare capital to swoop in and pay the artists right away, mark up the price, and wait however long it takes to sell for what it’s really worth. The royalty component of NFT art makes me very comfortable being transparent in my self interest.

I think we’re in uncharted territory here, so as for simply ‘buy for a nickel sell for a dime’ terms of investing, it’s a big risk. But like I said to someone on the forums recently, unlike all the shitcoins I’ve lost money on over the years, I’m never going feel bad about having invested money into artists.

- If you had all the funds in the world but only could buy one NFT wich one would it be?

Jack Dorsey’s first tweet….KIDDING!!
Probably “Theta Vyrus,” “Mr. Crazy Bones Encounters Ms. Alien Head,” or “Caravan of My Inner Child” by @codyseekins

Thank you @ robvector for your kindness and your time answering my questions. And I encourage all fellow artists on NFT showroom: talk to others! There is a very convenient way in the chat window! Talk with collectors connect with other artists of course use discord as well but an active showroom user will have to check the chat feature from time to time.


BUY $BST no financial advice

click on the names of the artists and give them a follow and upvote their stuff!

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