Earning Passive Income with Rollercoin? Is It Worth As A Source of Passive Income?

By NickLee | Passive-Income-Methods | 5 Feb 2023

Rollercoin Introduction

Rollercoin is a simulated mining game where users can play mini games or to put in different forms of crypto coins to buy miners to earn mining power. These mining powers can then be allocated to different coins that you will like to mine. Do take note of the different mining block rewards and the minimum withdrawal required.

Rollercoin Profile Age

I have played this game for over 2 years as you can see from the statistics and I believe I have enough experience to talk about this game.


Coin to Mine


Based on the stats, I have miners that provide roughly 138TH/s mining power. These miners are all "free" as I have not put in any money into the platform to buy the miners. I got them via playing games to gain exp to get the miners and so on. All the coins that I earned are withdrawn if possible and I have not reinvested into the game so far.


Current coin to mine and how long it will take to hit the minimum withdrawal. This sheet is based on my own mining power and it seems that $BNB is currently the most profitable to mine. However, do not that it requires at least 14.5 months to hit the minimum withdrawal if you are as passive as me. If you choose to mine either $ETH or $SOL, it will take 70+ months (close to 6 years) to hit the minimum.

I did try my best to play a large amount of mini games once in a while and the maximum total power I had was 800+TH/s, but it was too time consuming. I am currently mining $BTC as I have $BTC left in the wallet and am trying to hit the minimum withdrawal. However, based on the sheet, it earns only about 0.3 cents per day. If I put in 6x the effort to hit 800TH/s again, it will just be roughly 1.8cent/day. Is it really worth the time and effort? I will continue to play minimally but not much effort will be placed.


Minimum withdrawal for RLC is based on RollerMiner S4 (2.6 RLC); for RST it is based on White Walkers' Case (1500 RST).


Over the years, I managed to withdraw from the platform so this platform is not a scam.



As you can see from my mining power and what I can earn with that power from mining just BTC, it is not worth it for my style of game play. I have tried very hard to play games during my free time and the maximum I got was about 800+TH/s. The amount of time spent on playing is way too much and I have decided to go back to mining passively depending on my miners instead.



I have never referred anyone as I am not sure if the game is a scam but I have withdrawn multiple times. If after reading this post and you feel that it is still worth a try or you have a better strategy, feel free to give the game a try.

I have shamelessly added my referral code if you like this post and will like to support me. The last I checked, new sign up members get 1000 satoshi to start. In return, I get to receive 25% from referrals’ profit and 15% from in-game purchases.

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