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To invest or not, and what to invest - Lets take a closer look at RollerCoin as an example

In this post I want to take a closer look at investing into a crypto game. What to invest and finally the match behind it to try and figure out it or what is worth it. I will use the crypto game RollerCoin as an example. Because it is a game I am familiar with, and play myself. RollerCoin a what I would call a typical Play-to-earn game. Where you can just play the game for free, and still be able to earn some crypto. But you can also invest your money into the game to gain a higher return. Compared to just laying it Free-to-Play.


So lets get some numbers so we have something to work with. In a previous post about RollerCoin, can be found here. I took a look at the math behind the three ways to play the seasonal event. And these three ways are to either buy everything from the start, to buy the season pass and try and earn every reward or play Free-to-Play and just take the rewards you can get for free. And here is a little spoiler for those of you who have not read the article. Which you should by the way. And this is your last chance to read it before I spoil the result, again you can find the article here.

1... 2... 3... SPOILER. The best way is to simply play Free-to-Play. Unless you have earned RLT tokens in the game or through events. But we will still use the seasonal event as a data point in order to collect some data to use. To buy everything from the start you need to pay 409.99 RLT, they have actually lowered the price a little. The price used to be 450 RLT. But we will use this new lower price of 410 RLT. So what are these RLT tokens I keep going on and on about. It is the in game currency. And you can buy, or trade, these on par with the dollar. So they are in a sense worth 1 USD.

And what is it your getting for your 450 dollar. I have summed up all the permanent increase to your hashpower, the way you earn crypto in the game. And ignored al the temporary boosts to power as they are just temporary. I also had to exclude the bonus hashpower given by the miners. As that is not something I was able to find. But we can use a stand in number for that. The increase to your hashing power you will get is a whopping 1 925,6 TH/s or if you will 1,9256 PH/s. And if we add a 15% increase to this power we will land on 2,21444 PH/s. And to be fair you also get 37 RLT tokens back as well. So I will deduct these from the initial price as well. Putting that at a total of 377 RLT or USD.

Now Lets take a look what you can get in the store if you instead where to spend these 377 RLT. How much hashpower can you get then? In the current store the most price efficient miner you can buy is the Easter miner that cost 30 RLT and provides you with 80 MH/s. So you can for 390 USD buy 13 of these miners. This will give you a hashpower of 1,040 PH/s. And because they are al the same type of miner you only get bonus from having one of them. So I will ignore it. As it is pretty obvious that buying miners in the store is a completely inferior way of spending your money compared to buying the seasons event pass.

This brings us to the last option. Playing Free-to-Play. As a free to play player myself I have been able to maintain a hashpower of 800-900 MH/s. This without burning out myself, but still playing a fair amount of games. But you might say you can easily play 200 games every day. So lets do some rough calculations with that as well and lets see where we land. On average you will get 1,3MG/s per game your playing. I assume your spamming the four games with the highest rewards. This gives you a hashpower of 1,820 PH/s. 

I have used the calculator found at: https://lmendev.github.io/rollercoin-calculator/ to make the earnings calculations. And they are as follows:


*The earnings calculators cut out at 4 decimal pints. So this heavily skews the earning calculations later, and can as well have impacted the ROI calculation.

So in the left column we have out two playstyles. The investor, who bought in for 377 USD, and the Free-to-Play player. This is follows by a earnings column for each of the coins you can mine in RollerCoin. The earned amount is how much you would earn during one month of the game. Further down we have the calculation for the ROI, or Return Of Investment. As well as how much money the Free-to-Play player would make during the same amount of time it takes the Investor to earn back their investment. The ROI numbers are in months. So if we take a look at Bitcoin. The ROI for the investment is 39.74 months, or if you will 3,3 years.

And This calculation only shows you what a ROI of 0% would be. So if it takes you 3,3 years to earn back your money. You are actually loosing money due to inflation. And compare this to many other "safer" investments, who have a ROI of 20-25% per year. This paints a pretty bleak picture for investing in games like RollerCoin.

Lastly we have the Free-to-Play player, we have not talked about them. Personally I think playing 200 games a day is way way to many. And you are more likely to burn yourself out playing that many. But playing 80-100 games a day, that is completely doable. Well as long as you have the time to invest. I would say it would take 2-3 hours to play 80-100 games per day. Factoring in downtime between the games. And doing some surfing in-between as well.

So what are my final thoughts. Well my immediate thought is DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY INTO GAMES LIKE ROLLERCOIN. If you want to support the project, and keep it going. Then by al means support them, support them by buying stuff or donating. But DO NOT think of it as an investment. Think of it as a purchase or a gift. You are helping supporting them, develop a game you enjoy and like to play. And can you earn a some crypto by plying it, sure you can. Can can you earn crypto as a Free-to-Play, sure you can do that as well. But there are probably other things you can do with that time. In order to earn more money, then you would by play the game. Of the top of my head you could do surveys. Or even better get a extra job. ^^

My final thought is stop thinking of these games as way to earn money. Think of them as just games to be played and enjoyed. =)

Lastly, I would like to talk about if it is fair of me to singled out RolleCoin like this. Well as I see it I can argue for both sides. But it is a game I personally play and enjoy. And it is the game I have enough data on, which I need in order to be able to do a calculation like this.


I hope that you have found this post useful and informative. There are also a lot more articles about RollerCoin and other topics. That can be found in my two blogs here and here.


See you on the interwebs!


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