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RollerCoin, ultimet guide for season events

0c1665c7e6172e1ff23d4b7e2af8d74acd94eceda9f6b960659073db7e693122.pngRollerCoin, the browser game where you simulate mining crypto currencies while actually getting crypto currencies. It is a bit meta I know, but I like it.


This article will be an analysis of the current event. In all likelihood the coming events will be similarly structured to this one. So this should probably serve as a good template for future events as well. 

So let's first take a look at the experience and what you need to do in order to get it and how much you can get. This season takes place during 60 days. And each day you can get experience from two sources. The first one is the daily login reward. Here you will get an increasing amount of experience points for every day you log into the game. The amount will increase every day until a week has passed. Then it will reset back to the low amount. The second option for gaining experience points you have is to complete tasks in order for you to earn experience points.



The pictures shows the daily login reward and the daily tasks

So let's do the math. First we count how many weeks we get in 60 days, 60 / 7 = 8,57. This gives us 8 whole weeks of experience and leaves us with 4 days remaining of the 8th week. All in all a total of 1080 + 30 = 1110 experience points just for logging in. 

Now we take a look at the daily tasks. Here you can gain a total of 29 experience points each day, without having to use and RLT tokens or recruiting people. So for the whole event period this gives you a total of 29 * 60 = 1740 experience points you can gain by simply playing the game or clicking two links.

So just for playing the game during the event you can gain 2850 experience points. And in order to complete one level you need 100 experience points. So the 2850 points will give you 28 levels for free, by simply playing the game. But the season has a whopping 45 levels that you need to power through if you want to get the maximum rewards. 

So let us take a closer look at how much more experience points you need to get. With 45 levels and 100 points per level that puts it on a total of 4500 experience points you need to acquire. And if we deduct the 2850 points you get for free by simply playing the game. That still leaves us with 1650 experience points we need to get somehow. And the only way to get them, is by either recruiting a player once every day. This will give you 11 experience points, for a maximum of 660 experience points. If you recruit one player every day during the season event. So that leaves us with 990 experience points we need to get. Now the only option for us is to spend RLT tokens to get them. 

There are two options for earning experience through RLT tokens. One is to buy a loot box and the second is to spend a total of 10 RLT coins. If you want to spend as few RLT tokens as possible then I would recommend simply buying two loot boxes that give you a random amount of RLT tokens back. This way you will get at least 2 RLT tokens back. Only needing to pay 8 RLT tokens to complete both options to gain experience points. If you complete both options each day you will get a total of 18 experience points. And to make up the missing 990 experience points you will then need to do this for a whopping 55 days out of the 60 during the event. This will cost you at a minimum 440 RLT, and 550 at the most.

You can of course earn the missing experience in any way you want, but this way I showed is the way where you have to pay the least amount of RLT tokens.


If we now take a look at the three options that are available to us in how to play each season event. The first option is to simply pay nothing and get the 28 levels you get for free. This will give you some small bonuses during the event like some free miners with very low hashrate and some parts. As well as some temporary boosts.

The two other options are to either pay 459.99 RLT and here you get all the reward from day one. Or you can pay 119.99 RLT to be able to get the reward from all the levels. But you still have to earn the experience points required.

Given the data shown in the calculations above. It shows that there are only two options that are worth considering. Either pay nothing or pay the ~450 RLT to get everything from day one. Paying ~120 RLT and not getting the rewards and still having to gain all the experience points. This is just in my humble opinion a really really bad idea. Simply because you have to pay at least 440 to 550 RLT on top of the 120 RLT you already have to pay.

So my conclusion is if you have ~120 RLT DO NOT buy the season pass. Instead either save them, in order for you to be able to buy the premium pass on a later season. Or invest them in miners, increasing your hashrate.


I hope this guide has been useful to you and that you now will be able to get even more hasrate for your mining simulator. That is RollerCoin.

If you are new to the game, and think this is something you would like to check out more. You can simply go to there you should be able to find all the info you will need.

And if you want to sign up for the game I would very much appreciate it if you would consider using my referral link:

You can also check out my other articles on the game. You might find them just as useful as this one.


See you on the interwebs!

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