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My Journey to Financial Freedom - My Journey Starts Here

Welcome to my new series of posts called My Journey to Financial Freedom. This will be the first step in my journey, on this long and winding road. Some steps will take me down never before travels roads. Some steps will take me down to a point of no return, leading me to step backward and start over. Al that is certain is that the road for me to travel will be long. And I hope you will keep me company during it. =)

My background and history

First a little of my backstory. I studied technical biology to try and become a civil engineer. After about §½ year I came to the conclusion that this was probably not for me. So I took a break and moved back home with my parents. Started to work. And then about one year later moved back to the town where I studied. This time to study to become a teacher in History and Biology. As time passed and I was nearing the end of my studies I found I had an ever-increasing problem with managing. 

I then did, what I hope everyone would do in my situation. I went to the student health center and asked for help. They did some testing on me and found out that I had a bad case of dyslexia. So this is probably the main reason you will find some typos here and there. =) I was sadly unable to complete my studies before my student loan period was up. In Sweden, we get 7 years of government-funded loans and grants. As long as we keep producing results each year. Well with my first foray into trying to become a civil engineer. And me redoing the last year of my teaching studies I had used up all of my 7 years.

This led me to the conclusion that in order to be able to finish my degree. Al, I needed to get a job, and then after a while of getting situated, I could finish my studies during night school. Sadly this proved to be harder than I thought. This led me to have several short-term jobs, that offered no social security or long-term stability in order for me to start back up with my studies again. So over the last 15 ish years, I have been on and off welfare combined with odd jobs.

Life as a role model

With that being said I am far from being a role model for anything in life. Other than maybe an example of how things can go bad, really no matter what you do or try and do. =/ But I am not bad at everything. I do have my moments. During my journey, I have accrued friends and friends I consider family all over the globe. And these people I dearly love. And they have supported me come rain come sunshine. And I would not trade them for anything. I love you guys. <3

So that basically brings you up to speed on where I was when I started this journey. And to be honest, it might not look like that much has changed. But there are a lot of seeds being planted along the way I travel. And hopefully, they will bear fruit in the future.

It starts, with a change of minds

Well, that is enough of me and my backstory. If you want to know more about me let me know in the comments and I might start including a little story or anecdote from my life in the post that follows. Other than things that relate to the topic at hand that is. Now let us get My Journey to Financial Freedom started, shall we? First of. I was very slow getting into crypto. Why this was I can't really say. I had friends who early had gotten into crypto and by the time bitcoin was hitting 15-16k they were multi-millionaires, in SEK, the Swedish currency. So I really did not have any reason or lack of option. The only thing I can think of stopping me really was my current minds set. 

And my mindset at the current time was mostly made up of things like "na, it is already too late", "don't be stupid, why get in now", "the great increase in value has already happened" or "that ship has already sailed, to bad you missed it". And looking back at things I think it was having a mindset like this that probably kept me from taking advantage of so many opportunities that presented themself. So trying to change how my mind works and thinks about things is a constant everlasting work for me. Hopefully one of these days it will be less of a work and more of a natural instinct if you will.

The company you keep

Anyway. One of my closest friends talked me into joining him in getting into crypto. It would be like a fun hobby project we could do together. Little did he know I tend to overdo things I take on. So where he probably is still at a hobby stage, I think I have leveled up once or twice from there. At least when it comes to my commitment to learning. And trying to amass knowledge.

One of the first things I stumbled across was this little thing called a crypto faucet. And at first, I thought it was the solution to all my problems. Here I was with an abundance of time on my hand. So I took it on myself to find as many faucets as I could. That did not appear all too dodgy. And click them al. All the time, just click away and watch those crypto pile up. My friend who is a bit more level-headed than I, just started to shake his head when I told him about this vast amount of wealth that was being available to us. All in free crypto, that just was there for the taking.


He being the more level-headed one, he kept asking questions like, was it really worth the time and why are they giving it away for free, there must be a catch? I then had to spend time finding the answer to those questions. As I wanted my friend to also take advantage of all this free crypto that was right there for the taking. I told him about the origin of the crypto faucet. How they were a great tool for spreading the use of bitcoins. By giving them away to people more people would then learn about what this thing they just got was. And then hopefully start using it.

And I also explained that they are a great tool for people who have stranded crypto. The faucet then lets them earn a little coin in the proper gas fee, and then transfer their stranded crypto. And I also told him about how the humble origin of the crypto faucet now has turned into a way to get people to come to your site. Either in the hope of getting them as customers or simply being able to sell ad space on your site. Sort of like how a normal store put on a sale. Sometimes they actually end up losing money on an item, but then later make it up on all the other stuff you buy down the line. This is the actual model most game system operates on, or at least have operated on. Sell the system at a loss, and make it up on the game licenses and game sales.

Is this it? Is this all there is to it?

My friend was still skeptical. And about this time I got banned from one of the faucet sites, that shall not be named. It was for some strange reason I was unable to verify. So they can BURN IN H*LL, that is also a clue for you savvy internet people. ;) By this time I was starting to question this whole faucet thing myself. And my approach to it. Was I doing it wrong? Was the "use them all, all the time" approach not working? 

To be completely honest I was also getting a bit tired of clicking all the time and solving those annoying captchas. So this was also a big factor. And no matter how cute you think some captchas are, and there are some cute once out there. They all get very annoying after you have done them a coupled of 1000 times. It was at this time I came across two faucet sites that, after some use, clearly stood out to me. And these two are Trust Dice, and the second one is called Free Bitcoin. So what sets these two sites apart from the rest of them, you're asking yourself? Or at least I hope you're asking yourself. That is if you kept reading this far. Sorry for the long initial post. The following once will be short, I think... Hope I mean. ;)

Trust Dice has the highest-paying faucet I have been able to find. And I have looked at a lot of them during my faucet binge. The other thing it has going for it is that you only have to claim it every 6 hours. So no more of that every 10 min, or every hour BS. It also lets you choose from a variety of different coins to claim from.

The second site Free Bitcoin is a one coin site. And you guessed it, it is for Bitcoin. And here you can claim it every hour. But wait a minute. This sounds just like one of those... normal boring faucets you said was bad just like 30 seconds ago. Yes, it does. But here is the kicker. There are apps for Android, Chromebook, and even Chrome or Brave that lets you automatically claim the faucet. I, sadly, have not been able to find one for iOS.

If you are thinking, well it can't be that simple, can it? What about those annoying captchas? You are right. They are still there, and they are just as annoying as before. But the site has an ace up its sleeve. It is utilizing Fun tokens. Which can be bought or traded all over the place. And if you deposit, or buy, a minimum of 2500 Fun. Fun you also can stake on the site and earn a 25% APY. Simply by holding 2500 Fun in your account, this allows you to get rid of the annoying captcha. Allowing the apps to do their thing and claim the faucet 24/7, all day every day. As well as gives some other great advantages as well, like free spins and money back if you like to gamble. The site also gives you also get daily interest on your bitcoin as well.

So I would say that these two sites, by far are the standouts that I have come across. And I would recommend anyone to use them. And if you would like to help me out on My Journey to Financial Freedom. I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider joining them and using my affiliate link. If not that is perfectly fine as well. But should join them, with my affiliate link or not. I really recommend joining these sites.

Here are my affiliate links:

Trust Dice - https://bit.ly/37GckCm

Free Bitcoin - https://bit.ly/37KjaqG

This ends the first step on My Journey to Financial Freedom. I hope that you have found this post entertaining, and at least somewhat informative. And I would really like it if you would consider following along with me on My Journey to Financial Freedom. If you would like to support me further, please consider following me or reading some of my other posts. Or why not do both. =) You can find my other posts in my blogs here and here. If you have any questions, thoughts, or just want to share something about your own journey. Please feel free to do so. The comment section is open to you. I usually am pretty fast at answering questions and getting back to you. And lastly, I want to end by saying a big thank you if you made it this far, thank you!


See you on the interwebs!



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