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Happy 4th birthday RollerCoin!!

RollerCoin just turned four years old. This was celebrated with al the users receiving an in game present to unwrap. I got 100 000 MH/s bonus for 7 days. Which is nice. To bad my RNG is one of the worst in human history, together with my friend we hold the joint record for worst RNG. And what I mean by that is this appear to be the lowest amount possible to get.

Is this type of percent a good gift however? Well I guess it depend on what you mean by good. If we take a look at it. What do this type of gift do for the players. Al players simultaneously jump up an similar amount of hashpower al at once and it lasts for about the same amount of time. So do this do anything? Well it virtually does nothing du to the fact of al players getting it. As the gains you get are proportional to the groups total hash power. So any gains would be minimal at best. IF you compare this to previous years where they have given out a permanent increase in the form of a miner. That would be more useful. Why you ask, on paper the effect would be the same. Every one gets the same increase in power. The difference here comes over time. As players stop playing and new players join. Your relative power would be higher compared to others. And I guess this is one of the reasons why they have switched up their gift this year. The other being it is a short term boost to all players that basically amount to not much, so it is a cheap way for them to give back to the community without having it do any lasting, or short term, effects to the games state.

They have also announced a lot of community competitions as well. If you want to take a closer look and join them you can find more info here, compared to the general info I am about to provide. =) 

They have announced a writing contest. Here you compete with trying to create the backstory for the RollerCoin hamster. This is one of the competitions I have joined myself. You do however have some serious constraints. And that is you need to keep the backstory to 3-4 sentences. And if you have done some writing that is not a lot of wiggle room. But I like those type of constraints personally.

They also have went all out on the Hamster this year. Because the second competition is a naming competition. This will be judged and voted on by the community on their discord server. So I am looking forward to being introduced to Hamster mchamsterface in a short time. 

They also have a drawing competition, here the contestants are competing with their non digital art chops. The participants can do or create anything as long as they use their own hands to make it. So I expect some wild and crazy things can show up here.


The last, and forth, competition. Kind of nice symmetry to things as well, four years and four competitions. Sorry I get side tracked al to easy. The forth competition is a Miner creation competition. The theme this time is underwater adventure. So get those pixel programs out and start creating. The winner also gets a copy of their miner. But probably more nice is the chance to get up to 10% of the RTL earned in sales in commission.

I hope this has gotten your creative juices flowing and lit a fire under your inner competitor. The deadlines for the competitions appear to be May 12th, it is a little unclear in some cases. So if you are looking to try and get your hands on some of those sweet RTL coins this is a great way to do it. You still have a few more days to create and submit before the competitions deadlines. So go go go!

I hope that you have found this post useful and informative. If so, pleas consider following me. There are also a lot more articles about RollerCoin and other topics. That can be found in my two blogs here and here.


See you on the interwebs!

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