Why save in gold? 

"Gold is a treasure and whoever owns it does everything they want in this world," said Christopher Columbus, and he was not without reason. Very good to all, today we will see the importance of saving in gold and we will give you a few reasons to start evaluating it .

Currently analyzing how the financial situation is, it is important that everyone, especially the humble pockets, save in gold, and now we will give several reasons for you to understand why to save in gold.

Gold is security, it is protection, it is future, it is wealth. Gold is one of the most valuable and scarce metals that exists today and that makes it very important, therefore you must know how to buy gold .

Gold is such a precious metal in the world that it is scarce , which is why demand is constantly growing, and this implies continuous growth.

Everyone knows that every year, the government lowers the value of paper bills, causing prices and taxes to be on the rise and the power of civilization to fall, or in other words, to fall.

On the other hand, with gold, the opposite happens, since all this that we mentioned previously, which is summarized in the word inflation, causes gold to rise, and for this reason it is in continuous growth.

Throughout the article we will see many reasons about the importance of buying and saving gold today, but saving gold right now is synonymous with a good heritage in the future.



Gold History

About gold we can say that it is a heavy atom that consists of 79 protons and 118 neutrons. There are several metals that are easy to melt, but not gold. Gold is a metal that does not corrode.

To this day, it is not known exactly when gold began to be used for the first time, however archaeological studies say that it was around the year 4000 BC. C.

Throughout all of history, searches have been made for this precious metal such as gold in great expeditions by both Greeks and Romans, including Spanish conquerors.

Anciently, Egyptian pharaohs came to use gold as a currency, agreeing that only one piece of gold was worth the same as two pieces of silver.

Up to 2,600 tons of gold are mined throughout the year, and the total today is 160,000 tons of gold mined in the earth.

The reality, and something we all agree on, is that gold is money, and without this metal so rare in the world, money would never have existed.

This has been demonstrated since the existence of paper banknotes.

In 1971, Richard Nixon, President of the United States, gave freedom for the first time to manufacture the paper tickets that were necessary to finance the wars in which the United States was involved.

From there began inflation and the loss of power of civilization.

Currently we can say that China is right now the world's leading country in terms of gold production , followed by the United States and Australia in that order.



Why is Gold a refuge of value?

Gold has proven to be a haven of value and wealth in the long term in these times of crisis that have been experienced in recent years and that is when the markets fall, gold rises because the more money is made on paper, the less value It has this and more value has gold.

Despite this, since gold has been put at a market price, it has always risen , whether the world was in times of crisis or not, and this occurs due to inflation with paper banknotes.

Save in Gold

In 1936, a piece of gold was worth $ 35. It is evident that if at that time the people who had this piece of gold in their possession had kept it, today that piece of gold would have much more value than it had at the time when they sold it.

And it is there, in that very simple example, where you see the importance of saving in gold and not only in paper banknotes as most people do today, and that is that gold is a very precious metal to the time to save long term.

 I want to buy gold now!


And so far the article on  the importance of saving Gold . We hope this article is useful to you and any questions you already know that you can leave in the comments. A greeting.



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