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 If what you are looking for is buying or selling Bitcoins, stay in this article because we have exactly what you are looking for and we will explain step by step how to do it from anywhere in the world.

Very good to all, today we will see the article of Paxful, a company specialized in the sale of Bitcoins. From Paxful, anyone from any country in the world can buy and sell Bitcoins easily and safely from more than 300 payment methods.

Paxful is a rapidly expanding young financial technology startup with more than 200 employees worldwide, headquartered at 3422 Old Capitol Trail, Wilmington, Delaware and with offices in New York (USA), Hong Kong , Tallinn (Estonia) and Manila (Philippines) . Right here below we leave the corporate team so you can see it.



Paxful: Main Features

Assessment: starstarstarstarstar

Language: Spanish,  English, Portuguese, French, German and Italian.

Accepted countries:  All the world.

Referrals: It has  2 levels  of referrals. The affiliate system distributes 50% of the Paxful commission for each operation on the first level, and 10% on the second. You can withdraw your commissions from € 10.

Cryptocurrencies to buy / sell: Bitcoin.

Payment methods : We have up to more than 300 payment methods, among which we find PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit / Debit Card or Western Union among others.

Payment rates: No cost on purchases. In sales, 0.5% if it is through a bank transfer, and 1% if it is through a card or digital wallets or online.

App available: Yes


 Register for free at Paxful



Paxful: Create Account 

To register in Paxful , we must click on the button that I left just above and will take you to the official page of Paxful where you will find exactly what we see in the following image.

Then we will click on "Create Account" and fill in the information requested, in this case the email and password with which we want to register.

Do not forget to confirm your email with the link that will be sent to your email.




Paxful: Verify Account

Verifying our account on Paxful will increase our security on the platform and also help us to cancel all commercial limits. This process will take us only a few minutes.

To do this, we must click on our user, and once there in  "Verify me" as shown in the following image.

If we look at the image above, our verification progress is divided into 4 parts: 

«E-mail Verification» «Telephone Verification» «Identity Verification» «Address Verification» and all we have to do is fill in everything they ask us to finish with the account verification.

In approximately 5 minutes Paxful will have verified our data and therefore our account.



Paxful: Security Questions

Once our account is verified, to protect us even more we have the option of security questions. It will only take a few minutes and once again, we will gain in security.

To establish these questions, we will click on our user, then on  "Configuration" and then on "Enter security questions" .

We will select the 3 questions that we want them to ask us as seen in the image, we will place our answers and finally we will click on "Save".



Paxful: How to Buy or Sell Bitcoin

Once our Paxful account is created, we will be ready to enter and therefore to buy and sell Bitcoin.

This option will be found in the upper menu on the left where exactly it tells us to Buy Bitcoin as we show in the image. In the same button we can also find the option to Sell Bitcoin once we have enough Bitcoin.

From here, the process is very similar for both buying and selling Bitcoin.

The first thing we must do is choose our payment method, the amount we want together with the currency we want to buy or sell and we will click on looking for offers as shown in the following image.

Once we have broken down the list of offers, we will find all the information of both the buyer and the seller. Username, last connection, positive comments received, forms of payment, minimum and maximum amounts, and the total value.

We recommend that when you choose a person, you take into account the following data: Verified information, that has been making exchanges for a long time, and that has the trust of other users as you can see in the following image of a randomly chosen user.

Once you consider that the client is reliable, click on "Buy" or "Sell" and verify the amount of Bitcoin.

Do not forget that each client will have their requirements and make sure that it is what you are looking for to agree. You can always go back and choose another.

Once everything is verified, the payment and the agreement will have been completed and it will only be necessary to click on "Paid" in case you are buying or "Send Bitcoin" in case you are selling.




Paxful: Affiliate System

Paxful has its own affiliate system. To go to it, we must click on the top menu where it says "Control Panels" and then click on "Affiliate Control Panel" as can be seen in the image.


Once inside we can find our reference link which you can share with anyone to whom you present the Platform. Don't forget to also add it to your Defeat the Affiliate Crisis account in the Personal Links Section.

The earnings that we will obtain in the Paxful Affiliate System will be 50% in each operation of the client of the guarantee deposit fee. But that is not all, since we will also have a second level of Affiliates where we will earn 10% this time.

These earnings will be reflected in your Affiliate balance instantly, with a minimum of $ 10 . Do not forget to have verified your account as it will be essential to be able to transfer that balance.

And so far the article on  Paxful buys and sells Bitcoin . We hope this article is useful to you and any questions you already know that you can leave in the comments. A greeting.


 Register for free at Paxful


Paxful Buy and Sell Bitcoin

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