ClixBlue full tutorial

ClixBlue full tutorial

Today we are going to see ClixBlue a PTC style portal valid for everyone where we are going to be able to earn money for PayPal .

ClixBlue is a veteran PTC portal that has been online for several years although it has been through several administrators, it is currently run by Angony and the legend has it that this user is a great asset among PTCs for that reason and after an exhaustive follow-up we have decided to add it in DefeatCrisis .

As in most portals of this style, the fundamental basis with which we are going to earn money is by seeing the ads that we have available every day , in addition, it has the option to rent or buy referrals and of course, with numerous panels of offers with which we are going to be able to increase our profits.

A special feature is that it contains a section in which we will be able to sell the referrals we are getting, but the best thing is that we will be able to buy the referrals that other users sell, showing us the clicks that those users made during the last week and also the clicks that have been made since the date of registration , being able to decide at our choice which users are the most profitable to make an effective purchase.



ClixBlue Complete Tutorial «Features»


Assessment: starstarstarstarstar

Language: English

Accepted countries:  All the world.

Referral Levels: It has  1 referral level.

Referral payment: Referral payments vary based on membership.

Purchase of Referrals: Yes

Referral Rental: Yes,  (Packages of 3 referrals for $ 0.60, up to 50 referrals for $ 10).

Memberships: Yes,  these range from $ 16.99 a month to $ 84.99 a month for the more daring.

Payment   method : and other cryptocurrencies.          

Proof of Payment: Yes

Conditions to request payment:  We must have at least $ 2 and a minimum of  2000 cashout points

Account suspension:  30 days without activity results in the closure of the account.

Other 1:  Standard (members free ) need a minimum earned the 10% in Offerwalls (walls offers) to request a payment. If you want to skip this restriction, you can update your account.

Others 2:  It is not necessary to be viewing the ads, while we can work on other pages.

Other 3: As soon as we have our first payment voucher, I recommend uploading it to the ClixBlue forum in the Payment Proofs section   to be able to request new payments in the future.

IMPORTANT:  We have to see several ads every day to receive referral commissions.


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ClixBlue Complete Tutorial «Operation»

The operation of ClixBlue as in all PTC is based on the display of advertising ads obtaining a reward for it, but ClixBlue consists of three menus in which we find different characteristics , therefore, we will see them below.

Horizontal Top Menu

In this menu we will find various options and among them we must highlight the View Ads section which is where we will find the different ways to earn money.

ClixBlue Tutorial in Spanish


• View Ads , first of all with the symbol of a clock we find the option to earn money by seeing ads.

Later in second position and represented by nine small squares we have the BlueGrid game where we are going to be able to uncover a series of boxes to win various prizes.

And finally , just below we are going to see a lot of options, all these options are offers panels where we earn money by making the various offers that we have within each one to make.

• My Account , by clicking on this option we access our main Clixblue panel.


Vertical Left Side Menu

In this other menu that we can see on the left of our screens we will find five sections of which we will highlight two of them: Settings and Referrals.

• Settings , we highlight this option because it is where we will find our personal options. If we click on Personal Settings, we have the option to configure our payment method.

• Referrals , here we find various options to buy referrals, rent referrals even to sell our referrals as well as the statistics of both our direct referrals and our rented referrals.


Vertical Right Side Menu

ClixBlue Tutorial in SpanishAnd finally in this menu we will find different sections of which these are the most important:

• Referral Link , which we have at the top of this menu.

• Upgrade , to buy a membership with which according to the strategy we have, we will be able to earn more money.

• Withdraw , from this button we will be able to withdraw our money when we reach the minimum payment.

• Teasure , is a surprise chest where we are going to win different prizes , in order to participate we have to make at least four visualizations in the BlueGrid game.

• Points , here we are going to be able to exchange the points we earn by seeing specific advertising ads for cash.


As you can see, we have only put the most characteristic sections of each menu since many sections are repeated in two or more menus that we have talked about.

ClixBlue is really very easy to work with, as seeing the ads in the View Ads section, participating in the BlueGrid game to try to win a prize and taking advantage of the options in the Teasure section (The chest with a prize) , is more than enough to start working this portal.

Then, as we become more familiar, we can visit the referrals section to see the possibilities we have between buying, renting or selling referrals as well as visiting the different panels of offers that we have to earn money, these panels can come in handy for those users who They want to rent referrals since it is an extra money that is earned and that they can use to renew them and extend their useful life.


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ClixBlue Complete Tutorial «Membership»

Above all, in the characteristics section I have mentioned that there are several memberships that vary from $ 16.99 a month to $ 84.99 a month.

And since an image is worth a thousand words, here I leave you all the details with the advantages obtained in each of them.

ClixBlue Tutorial in Spanish

With a blue box I have marked the Blue Sky membership because in relation to quality price I think it is the best since we are going to obtain 25% more profits for our RD than for the Blue Gold membership and the price is much lower than the Blue Ultimate for the advantages it offers us.

That is, with Blue Gold we earn 15% more with respect to the commissions of our referrals than if we are free and with Blue Sky we earn 40% with respect to free membership, therefore , comparing the price of Blue Gold and I think that the Blue Sky is much more profitable , yes, we must work on the recommendation to get RD.

Well, lads ..., I think that the ClixBlue tutorial in Spanish is fully explained , however, if there are any doubts, you already know that there are comments below to try to solve them among the entire DerrotalaCrisis community.

If more to say, Greetings to all and Defeat the Crisis…. Aúpaaaa !!!!

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ClixBlue Complete Tutorial in Spanish

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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