Bitso What it is and How it Work

Bitso What it is and How it Work

Bitso is an excellent Mexican exchange platform to buy, sell and receive different cryptocurrencies from anywhere.

Very good kids, today we will see a tutorial on Bitso , a portal where we can receive different cryptocurrencies as well as exchange them and even sell and withdraw them by bank transfer instantly. This portal is 100% recommended for users residing in Mexico since they will be able to benefit from the lowest commissions on the market. 

According to the privacy policies of , the company is registered under the name of “Bitso Sociedad Anónima Promotora de Inversión de Capital Variable (Bitso)” ,  with registered office at Campos Eliseos 400 601B Col. Polanco Reforma México DF, México 11530 .

As we discussed previously, users in Mexico can best take advantage of this wallet since they can withdraw their money to their bank without commissions and buy cryptocurrencies in a very simple way and with the lowest fees in the market , although the page is open to users. from almost everyone.



Bitso What it is and How it Works «Features»


Assessment: starstarstarstarstar

Language:   Spanish, English.

Accepted Countries:   All the world ( ideal for users from Mexico ).

Accepting currencies: Mexican Pesos (MXN), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, TUSD.

Referral levels: Consists of 1 referral level.

Referral Commissions:  We earn 10% of all profits generated by the transactions of our referrals.

App available: Yes. For Android and iOS systems.

Minimum age: We must be at least 18 years old to register.


 ↓ If you want to register, enter the web  

  • Use the banner to register in Bitso or enter  From Here >>



Bitso What it is and How it Works  «Operation»


Bitso's operation basically consists of taking advantage of the platform to save cryptocurrencies, sell them or buy them. We can deposit or withdraw our earnings in Mexican Pesos without commissions, making it an excellent option to use for users in Mexico.



✅ Registration


To register in Bitso we can do it directly from this link . Once inside the page we will click on the option that says «Open your Account» .


It will take us to the registration form where we must complete it by placing the information requested. In type of account we leave it in "Personal" unless they want to register as a Company.


Then we will have to perform Step 2 of the registration which is to configure our account by entering a password and PIN of 4 digits ( remember these data point ).


Then we will go to our email to verify it ( in that same email they give us a user ID that we need to access our account ).



Note: If a step 3 appearswhich says  «Choose your main activity in Bitso» , choose the option that says WALLET .



✅ Verify our account


Once registered, the next step will be to verify our account in Bitso , otherwise we will not have the option to make deposits and withdrawals enabled. For this we will go to the option that says «Anchor» .


Then we will click on the first option that says «Go to Level 1 «. We will simply have to verify our cell number by entering a code by SMS message sent to our mobile. Once the steps have been carried out correctly, we will already be verified at level 1.




ING TRADING Commissions


There are two models of commissions in Bitso, those that are calculated in the markets against BTC and those that are calculated in markets against Mexican Pesos, MXN . In both cases, the commission you pay decreases as your volume increases within a 30-day range and is based on a Maker-Taker scheme . The more operations or Trading we carry out, the commissions go down.


We can also see a table with the commissions we have for making deposits ( if you are interested in buying cryptocurrencies ) and withdrawals in Mexican pesos.



✅ How to Sell Cryptocurrencies


To sell the cryptocurrencies that we have in our Bitso account and thus be able to exchange them for Mexican pesos, what we must do first is select the currency to sell ( to the right of our dashboard ). Then we will click on the "Convert" option . Then 2 options will appear which are «Buy or Sell» , we select Sell and we place the quantity ( the sale is done instantly ).



✅ How to Withdraw Mexican Pesos


To withdraw our money we will click from our dashboard on the option that says «Withdraw» . We will find different withdrawal options such as SPEI Transfer , Transfer to Cellular , Transfer to Debit , Bitso Transfer . You choose the withdrawal option and complete the requested information in order to carry out the transaction.

Note: The transaction time is Instant and has no commissions. They can withdraw their money to any bank that is legally operating in Mexico.



✅ How to Deposit to Buy Cryptocurrencies


If we want to deposit money to our Bitso account, what we must do is from our dashboard select the currency Mexican Pesos (MXN) and then click on the option that says "Fund" . Then we will see the options to deposit either by VIA SPEI ( bank transfer ), Cash Deposit , or with Coupon .

✔ VIA SPEI: They will give us a key account number to which we must make the deposit ( there are no commissions ).

✔ Cash Deposit:  They provide us with an account number to pay through OXXO PAY (2.6% commission + VAT + store commission) .


Well guys, that's it regarding  Bitso What it is and How it Works . I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you and users in Mexico take full advantage of this platform. A greeting.


↓ If you want to register, enter the web  

  • Use the banner to register in Bitso or enter  From Here >>

Bitso What it is and How it Works

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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